Feb 062015

Swarovski fanatics are generally excited to learn about limited editions.  We recently learned about an unusual limited edition Swarovski Nativity Set available in a European country.

This Swarovski Nativity Set was available in Germany.  At some point, Swarovski made a decision to not be involved in religious motifs (according to information I  received).  However, this Nativity set had already been made.  A German company agreed to purchase 100 from this lot already produced and sell them under their own name around 2004.

Swarovski German Nativity Set

Swarovski Limited Edition Nativity Set from Germany

The Limited Edition Nativity Set consisted of crystal Joseph, crystal Mary, and crystal Baby Jesus.  The base is black lacquered wood.  Since they are not sold under the Swarovski name, they would not have any Swarovski marking on them.   And instead, ALL of the crystal figurines have “Artfides” on the bottom of them.  The clothing of the people figurines are clear crystal.  Faces, hands (basically flesh areas) are frosted.  Joseph is approximately 18 cm high, Mary 11 cm high, and Baby Jesus 9 cm wide.  A Swarovski system # associated with this set is 680865.


What a find for the collectors who have Swarovski Limited Edition Nativity Set in their collection!

The crystal brand has previously produced ‘The Cross of Light’ and other Swarovski Nativity Figurines:

At the Crystal Exchange America website, Swarovski Nativity figurines can be found in the Christmas & Ornaments category when there are listings available for purchase.