Aug 242011

In a recent press release from Cranston, Rhode Island, Swarovski Optik announces that their new CL Companion Binoculars have been selected as one of the “Best of the Best” for 2011 by Field & Stream Magazine on the new release .  Given out annually, Field & Stream’s “Best of the Best” is awarded to the best new products in the hunting and shooting market, and is considered one of the industry’s top awards.

I’m no binoculars expert, so I liked watching this YouTube video about them.

The Companion CL Binoculars aren’t quite as pretty as the sparkly ones shown on the Swarovski crystal brand’s web site, but the award likely says it all.  From what I could find on the internet, prices are:  $999 for the 10×30 and $929 for the 8×30.

Swarovski Bincoluars

Swarovski Bincoluars

The Optik CL Binoculars are featured in the September, 2011 issue of Field & Stream

This is terrific news for Swarovski!  Congratulations on a well-developed new set of binoculars!

Aug 062011

Being Swarovski crystal collectors, we are on top of new figurine introductions and figurine retirements.  This past spring, we’ve learned more about the Swarovski Aura Perfume venture making them more visible in the health and beauty industry.  Then early in the summer, the news was revealed about the relationship with Sanrio that the crystal giant would be launching a Swarovski Hello Kitty product line in their corporate stores.  So there have been lots of new bonds formed to expand their global presence in other areas.

Swarovski OptikSwarovski Optik has been around for years as an industry leader in high quality precision long range optics / scopes / binoculars.  Optik has now announced a partnership with Orion Multimedia, a world leader in outdoor adventure programming to produce a new television series “SWAROVSKI OPTIK QUESTS – With the Eyes of a Hawk”.  The series will travel around the globe focusing on those trophy animals in every hunter’s dream.



“SWAROVSKI OPTIK QUESTS – With the Eyes of a Hawk” will appear on the Versus network in the fall of 2011, then the episodes will re-air in the spring, 2012 on the Sportsman Channel.

For more on Swarovski Optik, visit the official site .  At the web site, one can view a list of other Optik television programming.

Aug 032011

As many of us Swarovski crystal collectors know, our favorite brand is involved in many other industries than simply producing our pretty crystal figurines.  One of the divisions, Swarovski Optik, sells binoculars among its many offerings.

Swarovski Bincoluars

Swarovski Binoculars

The binoculars on the Swarovski web site all feature the Swarovski logo used by Swarovski Optik….the Hawk.  Swarovski presently features 5 pairs on their web site, ranging in price from $950 – $1700.

Swarovski Crystal Binoculars

Swarovski Crystal Binoculars


One set of binoculars in particular that are of interest to Swarovski crystal fanatics is the Swarovski Crystal Binoculars – BSC107C .  This is a crystal figurine in the shape of Swarovski binoculars.  The crystal figurine is about 1 inch in length.  The story behind the figurine is that it was a display piece for Swarovski Optik retailers in Hong Kong in 1995.  These Swarovski binoculars generally sell on the secondary market for $250 – $400.

Crystal Moments Binoculars

Crystal Moments Binoculars


Another small figurine of crystal binoculars was produced the Swarovski Crystal Moments Binoculars.  These binoculars were sold from 2000 through part of 2002.  The Swarovski identification numbers are 9460 000 099 / 243 445.   These Swarovski binoculars generally sell on the secondary market for $50 – $75.

For some useable Swarovski binoculars, check out the Swarovski web site in ‘Fashion Accessories’ then ‘Binoculars’.   The Swarovski Optik web site does have information on binoculars, but it is not an online store.