Mar 052012

Just last week, Crystal Exchange America sold a Swarovski HTF crystal figurine….. the Swarovski Painter’s Palette.  This unique item sold for $100, a price significantly higher than the original MSRP at the time of retirement.

Swarovksi Artist Palette for Painters

Swarovski Painter's Palette

The crystal artist palette is a cute item.  The palette is clear crystal with 7 different colored stones to represent various colors of paint.  The paint splotches are red, green, blue, yellow, pink and clear (for white).  The palette contains the Swarovski swan logo on the back side. Included with the Swarovski Artist Palette is a separate figurine for the Swarovski Paintbrush.  This part has a clear handle and a frosted component for the brush bristles.  The paint brush does not contain any logo.

The Swarovski Painter’s Palette was produced by the crystal brand for a relatively short period of time: 2005 to 2006.  The figure was designed by Keiko Arai.  The Swarovski identification #’s for the  Painter’s Palette are 9460 000 179 and 680 850.  The crystal figurine’s MSRP was $35 during the production years.  This artist palette was a part of the “First Steps” theme group, which is in the Swarovski Crystal Moments product line.

Another well-known creation by Keiko Arai is the 2011 Christmas Ornament.  This Swarovski designer is also credited with about 35 other designs from 2004 through 2012.

Crystal Exchange America has many retired figurines from the Swarovski Crystal Moments product line available.  They can be found in their online store in the Crystal Moments category by navigating in the menu on the left side of the screen.