Nov 172011

Our favorite crystal brand has produced some Swarovski Pill Box figurines in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  The Swarovski pillbox is something that has been rarely seen in the 15 years that Crystal Exchange America has been in business.

The popular Swarovski book, Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Crystal, indicates that Swarovski pillboxes have been produced in various sizes.  They document the Swarovski pill box in both a 30mm (1 3/16”) and 50mm (2”) diameter size.  They also document the Swarovski pillbox with a gold-colored finish and a silver-colored finish.  And lastly, they document the crystal pill boxes to be with separate tops and bottoms or that the lid and base are hinged together (like some of the coin boxes).

The Warner’s books show Swarovski-assigned part number of 7506MR030 for the 30mm pill box and 7506NR050 for the 50mm pill box.  They assign a Swarovski ERV of $525 for the small pill box and $650 for the larger pill box.

It is believed that the pillboxes were produced with numerous different city names as souvenir gifts for vacationers.

With this brief overview of the Swarovski pillbox, we can share that we do have a pillbox in on consignment that is available for bidding on eBay.

Swarovski Crystal Pillbox

Swarovski Pill box

This pill box is in a rust-colored ‘Swarovski Souvenir’ box, with grey foam support and cream-colored lid ends.   The pill box itself is 30mm in size and is highlighted with a silver-colored finish.  It is a hinged pillbox.  This pillbox has a painted decoration in the lid of the pillbox, along with the word “Innsbruck”.  This pillbox does not have any type of Swarovski logo on it.  The sticker attached to the box says “PILLEND 030 IBK”.  The auction # for the for the Swarovski Crystal Pill Box is 140643986108.

It will be interesting to see what kind of interest there is from Swarovski collectors on this unique crystal item. Best of luck bidding if this is a Swarovski collectible you have been seeking for your crystal collection!