Oct 302012

We are excited to be celebrating 2 years of blogging on the Kristall Buzz.  This Swarovski Blog was the first of its kind solely posting Swarovski news, events, and articles for Swarovski collectors. The Kristall Buzz launched on the web in October, 2010.

Today, I took a quick photo of the Swarovski SCS Anniversary Cake for a quick picture posting to @CrystalExchange Instagram to use with our anniversary announcement.  Also known as the Swarovski Birthday Cake, this figurine was created to commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the Swarovski Collectors Society in 1992.  This Swarovski cake is about 2” tall, and originally retailed for $85.  It came in a special white cylinder with its own certificate featuring a picture of the cake on it. (It is not generic product booklet.)  At present, the 5th Anniversary Birthday cake sells around $175 on the secondary market.

Shortly after the Instagram post, one of our loyal customers emailed me an edited version of the Instagram photo reflecting our special occasion.  This picture of the cake was digitally edited to show 2 lit candles on our cake!

Our appreciation goes out to our readers for the compliments on our Swarovski Blog.  And a special thanks for our yummy crystal cake with the pair of burning candles!

Feb 082012

Swarovski boutiques and retailers are hosting Jubilation Events at the end of February.

The Swarovski Jubilation takes place February 23  – 26, 2012. The Jubilation is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Swarovski Crystal Society as well as an instant redemption opportunity to purchase the Swarovski Paikea Whale.

Swarovski Paikea Whale offered at Jubilation

Swarovski Jubilation Postcard featuring Swarovski Paikea Whale

Swarovski Tack Pin, Window Gem and Crystallized Chopsticks

SCS Tack Pin, SCS Window Gem and SCS Crystallized Chopsticks



On February 23, a private SCS member reception is being held from 5:00 – 8:00 where exclusive SCS gifts can be obtained with “qualifying” purchases.  From the postcard images, it appears that these SCS gifts include an SCS Window Gem and SCS Crystallized Chopsticks.

For all SCS members who purchase the Swarovski club Annual Edition Swarovski Paikea Whale during the Jubilation, those members will receive a special SCS Tack Pin.

Swarovski crystal fanatics should contact their favorite boutique or store to see if they are hosting a Swarovski Jubilation Event.

If you are a new Swarovski collector, use the Swarovski store finder to find a boutique or authorized retailer closest to you.  Also, new crystal collectors may be interested in obtaining older (retired) Swarovski club figurines.  Retired Swarovski Club figurines from 1987 thru 2011 can be purchased at Crystal Exchange America.  These Swarovski SCS figurines are in the category  “Collector Society / SCS”, sub-category “Annual and Limited Editions”.

Sep 142011

Great news for Swarovski Crystal Society members….the golden 2011 Ornament, which is exclusive to the Swarovski SCS members, is now available on the Swarovski web site for purchase!  This special Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament is limited to one per member, and is only available through the end of 2011.

Our favorite crystal brand began producing Swarovski AE ornaments in 2009.  Being a success, Swarovski continued the trend into 2010 and 2011.  The primary difference between the annual edition Swarovski Ornament and the SCS Ornament, is that the Swarovski SCS ornament is ‘Golden Shine’ in color instead of clear.  Additional differences include the gold-colored ribbon that it hangs from, and the special gold-colored packaging in lieu of the traditional blue Swarovski Box.

Swarovski SCS Ornaments

Swarovski 2009 SCS Ornament (left), Swarovski 2010 SCS Ornament (center), and Swarovski 2011 SCS Ornament (right)

Pictured is a complete collection of Swarovski SCS Golden Shadow Ornaments.

If you are a Swarski SCS member and have not yet begun your collection of these limited edition ornaments, it’s not too late.  Crystal Exchange America has both the 2009 and 2010 editions available.  As a hint, ornaments are most expensive during the Christmas holiday season, so pricing will be more attractive now, than in another two months.  To find them on the web site of this ‘retired Swarovski dealer’, go to www.CrystalExchange.com .  Then check out the category ‘Christmas and Ornaments’.  Not only will you find the Swarovski SCS Golden Shadow ornaments, you’ll find many other Swarovski ornaments dating back to 1987.

Aug 232011

The Kristall Buzz, a blog on Swarovski Crystal, has launched its fourth video on YouTube!  This video highlights Swarovski Tiger crystal figurines along with some beautiful and exotic wild cats. Take a look!

Swarovski SCS Tiger – This Swarovski Tiger was the Annual Edition crystal figurine available exclusively to SCS members in 2010.  It was the third crystal figurine in the series “Endangered Wildlife”.  The Swarovski identification numbers are 9100000145 / 1003148.  The Swarovski SCS Tiger retailed for $450 in 2010.  The primary color used for the figurine was ‘golden shine’.  The Swarovski SCS Tiger measures approximately 7.25″ in length.

Swarovski SCS Tiger Cub, Sitting – This Swarovski tiger cub was available to SCS members in 2010 and was a very complimentary figurine to the SCS tiger.  The Swarovski identification numbers are 9100000166 / 1016678.  It retailed for $180 in 2010.  Like the SCS tiger, the color is ‘golden shine’.  The Swarovski SCS Tiger cub measures approximately 3.12″ in length.

Swarovski SCS Tiger Cub, Standing  – This Swarovski tiger cub was available to SCS members in 2010 and is a gorgeous addition to display with the  SCS tiger.  The Swarovski identification numbers are 9100000166 / 1016678 AND  9100000165 / 1016677 depending on whether it was purchased or provided as a loyalty gift by the crystal brand for purchasing the entire “Endangered Wildlife” trilogy using the same SCS number for all three pieces.  The non-gift figurine retailed for $180 in 2010.  Like the SCS tiger, the color is ‘golden shine’.  The Swarovski SCS Tiger cub measures nearly 3.5″ in length.

Swarovski Chinese Zodiac Tiger – This Swarovski tiger is part of the crystal brand’s “Chinese Zodiac” series.  The identification numbers are 9100000135 / 1002980.  The official color is silver shade crystal.  It is about 3.25″ long.  This is the only tiger in the video that is presently available on the Swarovski web site, and it retails for $300.

Swarovski Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Tiger – This Swarovski  tiger is identical to the zodiac tiger described above, except that the color is in golden shine.   The identification numbers for this Swarovski limited edition figurine are 9200000269 / 1016810.  It was only available in China from 2009 – 2010.

Swarovski Tiger Paperweight – This Swarovski Tiger is silver in color, resting upon a crystal ball.  This tiger was in the Swarovski Trimlite group “Crystal Sculptures”.  Swarovski used unique product identification numbers to represent the metal color of the tiger….72116 is the number for the gold tiger and 72117 is the number for the pewter tiger This figurine was available 1983 through 1986 at a retail price of $95.  This Swarovski tiger is very difficult to find and will likely command prices of $800 – $1200 dollars. No Trimlite mark was found on the figurine shown in the video.

Elizabeth Adamer was credited with the design for all the Swarovski SCS tigers.   They truly look like a nice feline family.

Both the Swarovski Zodiac tiger figurines have a clear crystal base that is engraved matt finish name in English and Chinese seal script.

If you are a feline fanatic or collect Swarovski wild cats, many of these Swarovski tiger figurines can be found in the Crystal Exchange America store:   www.CrystalExchange.com .  Use the search box in the store and type in “tiger” (singular form, not plural) to  view the crystal figurines presently available with pricing.

Jul 152011

Swarovski has made the official announcement to its SCS members that the SCS Christmas Ornament, Annual Edition 2011 will be available in September, 2011.

Swarovski Crystal SCS 2011 Ornament

The Swarovski Crystal SCS Ornament, which is limited to one per member, uses the same design as the 2011 Annual Edition Ornament.  The difference between the two is that the Swarovski 2011 Annual Edition Ornament utilizes clear crystal and hangs from a white satin ribbon.  The SCS 2011 Ornament utilizes the golden shadow crystal and hangs from a bronze colored ribbon.  The Swarovski SCS 2011 Ornaments are approximately 2.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches in height.

Swarovski began producing the SCS Ornaments in golden shine crystal in 2009.  The Swarovski 2009 Ornament designer was Elke Kumar.  Both the Swarovski crystal clear and golden shine ornaments retailed for $75.

Eva Marie Ried designed the Swarovski 2010 Ornament.  Both the Swarovski crystal clear and golden shine ornaments retailed for $75.

Based on the pictures I have seen of the 2011, I think the Swarovski SCS 2011 Ornament (gold one) is going to be my favorite of all the SCS Ornaments produced so far.  I’m looking forward  to securing mine ASAP.

If you are wanting to purchase any prior year Swarovski crystal ornament, including the Swarovski SCS Ornaments, Crystal Exchange America has a large selection on their web site: www.CrystalExchange.com . Go to the ‘Christmas & Ornaments’ category in the online store.

Mar 162011

The Black Panther, Swarovski NLE 2010, sold out very quickly when it was released for online purchasing in April last year. With a retail price tag of $960, the Swarovski Black Panther (jet was the official color) was one of the most affordable NLE issues that was produced by the crystal giant.  And a maximum production quantity of only 500 figurines, this was another nice feature that made this black cat quite desirable.  Shortly after the sell-out date, the Swarovski Black Panther sky-rocketed to its current secondary market price of $2500-$3000 USD.

Swarovski Black Panther, NLE 2010

All this being said, the Swarovski Black Panther may have some competition in the very near future.  The crystal brand is releasing another colored panther…the Swarovski Moroda Panther.  The Swarovski system number is 1096051.  Looking at the product picture at the Swarovski web site, you may very well think that this newest panther is brown, which would indeed make it a bit different from the original Black Panther.

Swarovski Moroda Panther, 2011

However, if you look at another new release, the Swarovski French Angelfish, this release has a lot of ‘moroda’ colored crystal accents, and the official Swarovski product description for the fish states that Moroda is black.  BLACK?  BLACK!

Well, of course any color differentiation cannot be done until a collector has both Swarovski Panther figurines side by side.  But at the moment, I am feeling uneasy about this new release.  My NLE Swarovski Black Panther has gone up in value…something that cannot be said very often these days.  If this new cat, the Moroda Panther, is a shade of black, history indicates that the (jet) Black Panther values will drop as many collectors will likely settle for purchasing the Moroda Panther for a fraction of the price.

I have seen this new-similar-design approach in the past, and it nearly always brings down the value of the original design as buyers will simply not pay higher prices for retired figurines when Swarovski has other cheaper, suitable alternatives.  Examples of this phenomenon include: Swarovski SCS Dragon (DO1X971) and Dragon (7550 000 005), Swarovski SCS Turtledoves (DO1X891) and Turtledoves (7621 000 011), Swarovski SCS Dolphins (DO1X901) and Dolphin (7644 000 001).  (and there are other look-alike figurines, these are only a few).  All the Swarovski SCS crystal figurines dropped hundreds of dollars, 30% – 50%, depending on the figurine.  While the economy certainly contributes to the decline in value of the secondary market in general, I do believe that for these figurines, it was precipitated by the release of the similar-looking figurines which, by the way, are all still current on the Swarovski web site.  I foresee history repeating itself…good for the company with more sales of a newly-released panther, no-so-good for collectors who have valuable retired Swarovski figurines, in this case, the beautiful (jet) Black Panther.

If you like the Swarovski Panther design, but prefer clear crystal figurines, the crystal brand does offer the figurine in clear crystal, but it is retiring very soon (2011).  The clear cat has a system number of 874 337.  The Swarovski designer credited for the elegant design is Heinz Tabertshofer.  All the Swarovski Panther figurines come in a firm blue box, a cleaning cloth, and gloves.  All retail(ed) for $960.

If you are a feline fanatic, you may be interested to know that there are other Swarovski crystal wild cat figurines:  Swarovski Leopard, Swarovski Lion, Swarovski Golden Shadow Lion, and Swarovski Tiger.  Most of these can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site:  http://www.crystalexchange.com/ .

Feb 072011

Within the past few days, one of our clients has received a number of phone calls from Swarovski retailers about placing his order for the Swarovski 2011 Numbered Limited Edition, the Swarovski Bald Eagle 2011.

Here’s some information about the Swarovski NLE Bald Eagle that the retailers shared:
  • The collector must supply his Swarovski SCS member number for the store to put in an order for the Swarovski Bald Eagle
  • The Swarovski 2011 NLE retails for nearly $4000.
  • Maximum production for the Swarovski NLE Bald Eagle is 10,000.
  • The 2011 NLE Swarovski Bald Eagle will come in a blue suitcase with a Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity and gloves.
  • The Swarovski NLE Bald Eagle uses colored crystal components.
  • The 2011 Swarovski Bald Eagle is sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Swarovski Designer for the Swarovski 2011 Bald Eagle is Heinz Tabertshofer.
I found this e-flyer on the internet for the Swarovski 2011 NLE Bald Eagle
The crystal brand has produced other Swarovski Eagle figurines:
Other Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions include: Swarovski NLE Eagle – 1995, Swarovski NLE Peacock – 1998, Swarovski NLE Wild Horses – 2001, Swarovski NLE Elephant – 2004, Swarovski NLE Bull – 2006, and Swarovski NLE Rhinoceros – 2008.
So if you are highly interested to add the Swarovski Crystal Bald Eagle to your collection, you may wish to contact your favorite retailer, ready with your valid SCS membership number, so that they can get your order in for this crystal figurine.  As the company has done in the past with other NLE, after a short period of time, they will begin offering it to non-SCS members.

Jan 272011

I have learned about another ‘gift with purchase’ item available to Swarovski SCS club members: a Siku Polar Bear print.

Swarovski SCS Siku Polar Bear Picture

This polar bear picture is 7.5″ wide x 5.5″ high, including the lavender matte frame.  The picture is a hand-drawn polar bear.  It features a facsimile signature of Anton Hirzinger, the Swarovski designer credited with the creation of the 2011 SCS Siku.  The Swarovski system # for the Siku print is 1271720.

Swarovski club members who purchase a  Swarovski figurine in early 2011 may receive the SCS Siku print.  It is my understanding that some retailers offer the Siku print as a gift with purchase, while others have the SCS Arctic Flower jewelry purse.  So, if you are specifically wanting the Siku polar bear print or the SCS Arctic Flower purse, be sure to check with the retailer to ensure that the free gift is the one you want for your collection.

Jan 252011

For nearly a decade, Swarovski has been hosting instant redemption events at Swarovski stores in February.  This year, the dates have been set for the 4th week of February (February 18 – February 25) and it is a big week for Swarovski crystal collectors.  During this week, over 160 Swarovski retailers in the USA will host Swarovski SCS retail receptions.

These receptions offer special opportunities to Swarovski Club members and crystal collectors who are considering to join the SCS (Swarovski Crystal Society).  One of the many benefits of attending a Swarovski retail reception includes the ability to purchase the 2011 SCS Siku available for immediate take-home.  Other SCS exclusives will be on hand for purchase too.  These crystal exclusives may include:

There are also unique ‘Swarovski Event’ pieces that are available during this special redemption period.  For 2011, the Swarovski Event piece is the Arctic Hare.  The Swarovski system number of the Arctic Hare is 1055005.  The Swarovski Designer is Anton Hirzinger.  The approximate price of the crystal figurine is $110.

The complete list of participating Swarovski retailers for the February events can be found on the Swarovski web site.  Have fun and purchase your Swarovski Siku Polar Bear at your nearby Swarovski store event!

Jan 242011

Swarovski has made available to instant redemption Swarovski club members the SCS arctic flower jewelry purse.  This jewelry purse is lavender in color and features a white arctic flower design along with “SCS 2011″ on the front. The SCS arctic flower purse has a zipper closure and is approximately 2 1/2” in diameter.

Swarovski SCS Arctic Flower Purse
Swarovski club members who purchase the Swarovski SCS Siku in early 2011 at an instant redemption event may receive the SCS arctic purse.  It is my understanding that supplies are limited and cannot be restocked once gone.
There are other SCS crystal creations that capture the arctic flower design:
  • SCS arctic flower pendant
  • SCS arctic flower pierced earrings
  • SCS arctic flower bracelet
  • SCS arctic flower ballpoint pen
  • SCS arctic flower window ornament

I was able to find a listing for this item on eBay for any collectors wanting this item that are not in the official SCS Swarovski club:  Swarovski SCS Arctic Flower Jewelry Purse.

The Swarovski Arctic Flower Jewelry Purse looks cute. The size seems a bit small to me.  It would be nice to see a credit card size zipper purse (to stuff more things in), along with a few crystal embellishments.  Cha ching!  Guess bigger and sparklier means more money.  Just a thought (in case Swarovski is seeking suggestions from Swarovski Crystal collectors!)

Jan 222011

The arctic air remains upon us (-6 degrees Fahrenheit!), so it’s time to pull out the camera today for more pictures of SCS figurines.  Well this time, when I say SCS figurines, I’m actually referring to “Super Cold Swarovski” figurines.

Today, the photography focus was on Swarovski flowers in the arctic snow and ice.  Two more Swarovski figurines were selected for today’s photo challenge: the Swarovski Poinsettia and the Swarovski Star Blossoms.

The Swarovski flower Poinsettia glistened in the arctic snow….it’ s amazing that the snowflakes can be seen on the crystal figurine.  If you look closely at the image, the frosty snow can be seen resting on the flower petals of the SCS figurine (remember, that’s Super Cold Swarovski).  The Swarovski Poinsettia was introduced in 2007 can be found at the Swarovski web site for $95.

Swarovski Poinsettia
The Swarovski flower Star Blossoms also had a neat appeal when photographed in the chilly outdoors.  The arctic snow surrounding the Swarovski Star Blossoms can be seen in the background.  The Swarovski Star Blossoms were introduced in 2009 and are now a part of the retired Swarovski collection.  There is still some left inventory of the online store and they are on sale for $55!  What a bargain for a Swarovski crystal figurine that once retailed for $90.
Swarovski Star Blossoms
Hopefully,  Swarovski fanatics remaining warm, or better yet in a much more pleasant climate, away from the chilly arctic blast!  Perhaps there will be some more pictures of Swarovski flower arctic-style in the snow posted here again!  If there are any retired Swarovski flowers on your wish list, check out Crystal Exchange America  web site http://www.crystalexchange.com/ ….there’s a good bit listed there.

Jan 042011

This morning I found the Swarovski Crystal SCS Polar Bear Video on the Swarovski web site:

Swarovski SCS Polar Bear Video (opens in a new window)

The Swarovski 2011 Annual Edition SCS Polar Bear Siku and Polar Bear Cubs were designed by Anton Hirzinger.  The video on the Swarovski web site is awesome.  It opens with a beautiful view of the Artic region where polar bears live. As a polar bear stroll by in the snow in the tundra, his breath is visible and revels the frigid temperature in the air.  The video continues emphasizing the SCS Annual Edition Siku, the companion SCS Polar Bear cubs, and the Swarovski designer doing some sketching.

Also highlighted in the video are the SCS accessories for this year 2011:  SCS Arctic Flower Pendant, the SCS Artic Flower Ornament (which is the member gift), and the SCS Ballpoint Pen.  (The SCS Arctic Pierced Earrings were not shown in the video.)

For 2011, the SCS title plaque for the Polar Bear Siku is included in the box.  A pair Swarovski gloves, a helpful accessory for the crystal figurine, is also integrated with the purchase.  As always, there is an official Swarovski Certificate for the Annual Edition crystal figurine.

I’m looking forward to the arrival of the Swarovski SCS Siku and Polar Bear Cubs into my Swarovski collection!

Jan 022011

The Swarovski SCS 2011 Polar Bears and Polar Bear cubs can now be found on the Swarovski web site and Swarovski Crystal Society members should be able to order them from their favorite retailer or from the online store very soon.

Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs (Crystal Moonlight)
Polar Bear and Polar Bear Cub
I enquired to the company as to why the cubs were not offered as a mixed set, and learned some new facts about polar bear cubs!  Apparently, polar bear cubs are typically born in pairs, hence the logic offering a pair to SCS members.  Furthermore, polar bear cubs are normally “whiter” than their “yellowish” parents, so that is why one of the sets is being offered in “white opal”.  The “crystal moonlight” cubs, do not follow nature’s coloring for polar bear cubs, but are available to SCS members for those who prefer cubs to match the Swarovski SCS 2011 Polar Bear.
I thought this was quite interesting!  I wonder which set will be most popular…..or if Swarovski Crystal Society members will end up purchasing BOTH $$ sets???

Jan 012011

2011 is officially here and I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all Swarovski crystal fanatics collectors!

I’m excited to have a photo of the Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs to contrast the two Swarovski crystal finishes.

Swarovski Polar Bear Cubs for 2011
The ‘Crystal Moonlight’ Polar Bear Cub is shown on the left.  The ‘White Opal’ Polar Bear Cub is shown on the right.  I want to stress that the Cubs CANNOT be purchased as shown.  This is an illustration only for collectors to be able to see the differences between the coloration if they cannot personally view them prior to placing an order.

The ‘Crystal Moonlight’ cubs are designed to match the Polar Bear Siku.

The Swarovski system number for the ‘White Opal’ Cubs is 1080774.  The Swarovski system number for the ‘Crystal Moonlight’ Cubs is 1079156.  (It’s a good thing the system numbers are substantially different to avoid ordering confusion.)

The Polar Bear Cubs are optional accessories to go along with the 2011 SCS Polar Bear Siku.  Each Polar Bear Cub pair retails for $350, so I’m curious to know the statistics of Swarovski SCS members that purchase both pairs.  Or….if a Swarovski collector chooses to purchase only one pair, will it be the ‘Crystal Moonlight’ or the ‘White Opal’ set?

Dec 312010

2011 will arrive within minutes.  “Endangered Wildlife”, the final Swarovski SCS Club trilogy, will be concluded as we Swarovski crystal fanatics anxiously await the arrival of Swarovski 2011 SCS Polar Bear Siku to our displays.

The Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition was the Tiger.  The Swarovski Tiger retailed for $450.   Swarovski also offered separate tiger cubs to its Swarovski SCS members.  The Swarovski Standing Tiger Cub retailed for $180. The Swarovski Sitting Tiger Cub also retailed for $180.

The Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition Tiger, Standing Tiger Cub, and Sitting Tiger Cub were designed by Elisabeth Adamer.  The Swarovski video on youtube briefly shows the Swarovski designer and how she began he journey into the development of this Swarovski figurine for the Swarovski Crystal Society members.

Crystal Exchange America commonly has additional information about the 2010 Swarovski Tiger.

Since I like felines, both domestic and wild, I’m delighted with the design and that I have the 2010 SCS Tiger in my Swarovski crystal collection.

Happy New Year to all Kristall Buzz readers and Swarovski collectors!