Sep 052012

While I have not seen or heard any news from Swarovski, I have been seeing a Tinker Bell in Red on various authorized retailer web sites and on Ebay too.

Here are my conclusions about the Swarovski 2012 Tinker Bell….

  • Swarovski Red Tinkerbell is a Limited Edition in 2012.  It is not clear if there is a maximum quantity of production or if distribution is limited in some way to geographic area.
  • Swarovski Limited Edition Tinkerbell will retail for $315.
  • Swarovski Christmas Tinkerbell is about 5” tall.

Swarovski Tinkerbell introduced in 2011 (left) and 2012 Limited Edition Tinkerbell (right)

The 2012 Swarovski Tinker Bell looks similar to the Swarovski Tinker Bell that the crystal brand introduced in 2011, but there are differences (other than simply replacing a green outfit with a red one):

  • Swarovski Green Tinker Bell has a more curvy base than Swarovski Red Tinker Bell.
  • Swarovski Green Tinker Bell has green poms on her shoes.   Swarovski Red Tinker Bell has white poms on her shoes.
  • Swarovski Green Tinker Bell has a clear bun on her head.  Swarovski Red Tinker Bell has a red bun on her head.

Both Swarovski Tinkerbell crystal figurines appear to have a silver toned wand and have Aurore Boreale wings that shimmer.

The 2012 Swarovski Christmas Tinker Bell can be identified with the part number of 9100 000 409 and system number 1143621.  At this point in time, it appears to be a pre-order item.  I would imagine that the release date will be similar to the Christmas merchandise in USA, which is early October.  (Nothing official found on launch date.)

This video, posted by an authorized retailer in the USA, shows The 2012 Swarovski Christmas Tinker Bell rotating in 360 degrees for a total view of this limited edition figurine.

In 2008, the crystal giant also produced another Limited Edition Swarovski Tinker Bell which has commands an unusually high price of $700-$900 following retirement.

The newest Swarovski Limited Edition Tinker Bell (Christmas Tinker Bell) looks like a real beauty the Disney fanatics and Swarovski crystal fanatics will certainly want to purchase!