Aug 142012

The final crystal figurine in the Swarovski ‘Caring and Sharing’ trilogy was the Swarovski ‘Amour’ Turtledoves.    These Turtledoves were a lovely crystal figurine, for the SCS member to add to the Swarovski colletcion.  In addition to the figurine, Swarovski provided collectors the opportunity to buy an optional display stand made specifically for the 1989 SCS annual edition.

Turtledoves Stand specifically for the 1989 Swarovski SCS Turtledoves

Swarovski SCS Turtledoves Stand

The Swarovski Turtledoves Stand is primarily thin plastic with a cardboard base underneath.  The SCS Turtledoves  Stand is blue with soft flocking on the top.  The underside is black cardboard.  The indentations on the top are an exact complement to the frosted Turtledoves branch.

The Stand for the Swarovski Turtledoves Amour can be found using reference # DO1X891S, which is used by Crystal Exchange America.  The Swarovski Turtledoves Stand is not shown in the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Price Guide.

Using information shared from our clients as well as transactions completed, it seems that the Swarovski Turtledoves Stand and Swarovski Turtledoves Plaque were sometimes sold as a pair.  Crystal Exchange America has seen just a couple of them that come together, in a little Swarovski box that matches the silver / blue design of the SCS Swarovski Caring and Sharing boxes used for the Lovebirds and Woodpeckers (Remember, the Turtledoves box is a white cylinder).

The SCS Swarovski Turtledoves Stand is not effortless to find in good condition.  It is not uncommon to see the outer edges fraying / cracking, so this is something to be aware of when purchasing. Crystal Exchange America has a single listing for the Turtledoves Stand at $135.  However, it would appear that this price may be more than most crystal collectors are willing to pay for such a fragile stand that does not really add anything to the overall appeal of displaying the Swarovski Turtledoves.

Aug 092012

The Swarovski Turtledoves ‘Amour’ was the third and final Swarovski SCS crystal figurine in the “Caring and Sharing” trilogy.  The Swarovski Turtledoves were another spectacular piece of art.  A title plaque for the 1989 SCS annual edition was available to SCS members for the AE Turtledoves, but was a separate purchase.

1989 SCS Plaque for the Swarovski Turtledoves


The Swarovski Turtledoves Plaque is an oblong square, with curved corners.  It measures about 1.5” high and 3” long.  It is identical in design to the Swarovski Lovebirds Plaque and Swarovski Woodpeckers Plaque.   Like the other Caring and Sharing individual title plaques, the SCS Turtledoves plaque is cobalt on the back with self-standing moveable hinge.  The front is grayish and has a simulated  brushed finish.  The frame is dark blue just like the imprinted design and text on the Turtledoves plaque.  The text below the SCS logo reads:

Annual Edition 1989

“Amour” – the Turtledoves

The Turtledoves Plaque is identified using reference # SCMRP89, which was originally used in the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Catalog of recommended insurance values.

We wish to extend a thank you to Jane Warner, co-author to Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski for consulting on the Swarovski Turtledoves Plaque article.

The SCS Swarovski Turtledoves Plaque can be hard to locate to determine approximate replacement cost.  Crystal Exchange America, presently has a single listing for Swarovski Turtledoves Plaque that is over $200 with their commission, but being a new listing, it does not yet appear in their store inventory.  No completed auctions were found within the past 9 months there or in the online auctions to determine actual resale prices.

Aug 022012

As Swarovski SCS membership was growing globally, the need for the multi-lingual Swarovski certificate for the Swarovski Turtledoves was now a serious requirement.  The Swarovski Turtledoves certificate was most like the accordion-style Woodpeckers, but with 2 additional languages.

Swarovski Amour Turtledoves Certificate, 1989

Swarovski Turtledoves Certificate for the 1989 Amour Turtledoves

The genuine Swarovski Turtledoves Certificate  is a multi-folding pamphlet with the certificate wording in the languages of:  English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Flemish and Dutch.

The Swarovski – assigned reference number is positioned on the very back of the certificate in a tiny print..  The Swarovski Turtledoves certificate is DO4M882.  The Turtledoves  ‘Amour’ Certificate can also be found using the reference # DO1X891C, which was initially employed in the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski catalog.

The Swarovski Turtledoves COA was originally in a square white envelope when it was packaged with the crystal figurine.  This original envelope is tissue-lined, and has the familiar Swarovski Swan logo on it and below that the letters SCS on the front side.

A special thanks to Jane Warner, co-author to Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski for consulting on the Swarovski Turtledoves Certificate article.

Regarding availability and replacement value, the SCS Swarovski Turtledoves Certificate is not readily available.  At Crystal Exchange America, the last completed sales were in the neighborhood of $50 – $125, but that was in 2008 through 2011.  It is almost always wisest to purchase the Swarovski SCS AE figurine complete with box and certificate, as locating replacement packaging or COA documentation may be easier concept than accomplished idea.

Aug 012012

The final Swarovski SCS crystal figurine in the “Caring and Sharing” series was the Swarovski ‘Amour’ Turtledoves.    The Turtledoves figurine was a lovely cherished collectible illustrating the companionship between the two birds.  The Swarovski Turtledoves Box, or in this case, the Swarovski cylinder, is key to securely house the crystal figurine while it is not being displayed.

Swarovski SCS Turtledoves Box for the 1989 SCS AE

1989 Swarovski SCS Turtledoves Box

The Amour Turtledoves container measures about 7 5/8” in height and 7 ¼” in diameter.  The Swarovski Turtledoves cylinder is mostly white in color, with silver-gray end caps.  On the Turtledoves cylinder box, collectors can see ‘Annual Edition 1989 “Amour” – the Turtledoves’ in English and in 5 other languages in the grayish stripe on the cylinder. The Swarovski – assigned reference number can be found near the bottom edge in very small letters.  The Swarovski Turtledoves Box reference number is DO3MM882. The Turtledoves Box can also be found using another reference # DO1X891B, which was firstly found in the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Catalogue.

The foam was specially formed to securely transport and store the treasured SCS crystal figurine with its certificate.  The Turtledoves foam contains a special slit for holding certificate.

A special thanks to Swarovski expert Jane Warner, co-author to Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski for consulting on the Swarovski Dolphins Box article.

Regarding availability and replacement value, the Swarovski Turtledoves Box is not easily found at this point in time.  The last one that sold was over 5 years ago, and those prices are too out of date to even mention.  However, Crystal Exchange America does have listing for the box and certificate set that can be purchased for $375 if there is a true need for original packaging and documentation.

Jul 302012

In 1989, Swarovski was near the end of the first SCS trilogy, “Caring and Sharing”.  The final SCS figurine in this series was the Swarovski Turtledoves, by Adi Stocker.

Swarovski Turtledoves - Amour, SCS AE 1989

Swarovski SCS Turtledoves - Amour, 1989 Annual Edition

The Swarovski Turtledoves could be purchased only in 1989 by Swarovski SCS members.

The Swarovski Amour Turtledoves is approximately 3.5” long.  From a quick description of this crystal figurine, they might sound like the Swarovski Lovebirds: 2 amorous clear birds with frosted beaks, perched on a frosted branch.

The ‘backstamp / bottomstamp’ is found on the side of the Turtledoves branch, where the branch is clear, (as it is quite difficult to see on frosted crystal, like on the Swarovski Woodpeckers).  The backstamp, consisting of the Swarovski Swan, the letters SCS, the designer’s initials “ASt” and the year “89”, is easily visible.

The Turtledoves are identified using the Swarovski part number DO1x891 or the system number 117 895 was revealed.

It is interesting to note that the SCS Turtledoves crystal component for the birds’ wings is the same component used for the wings on the Swarovski Woodpeckers and the ears on the 1990 Swarovski Dumbo figurine!

The crystal giant has also produced one other Turtledoves design, by a different designer Gabriele Stamey.  This more recent Swarovski Turtledoves figurine was introduced in 2004 and can presently be purchased in the Swarovski shoppe.  The most striking differences between the Amour Turtledoves and Silver Crystal Turtledoves are the frosted beaks (SCS AE)vs topaz beaks (Silver Crystal) and resting birds (SCS AE) vs a bird with its wings spread (Silver Crystal).  Also, the SCS AE Turtledoves are a bit smaller 3.5” long vs 4.25” for the newer Silver Crystal design.

A special thanks to Jane Warner for consultations made during the writing of this Swarovski Turtledoves article.  Jane is the Swarovski expert author of Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski.

In 1989, the MSRP of the SCS Swarovski Turtledoves was for $195 USD .  Just like the other ‘Caring and Sharing’ figurines, the purchase price included the crystal figure, a custom box for the Turtledoves, and a Swarovski COA (certificate of authenticity).    Collectors who want to purchase the Swarovski Turtledoves  from a Swarovski expert dealer, like Crystal Exchange America, should expect to pay $550 – $650 for the SCS Turtledoves in mint condition with original box and certificate.