Jan 302011

Recently, I wrote about the Swarovski certificate of authenticity included with Swarovski Crystal figurines. After posting the article, I remembered that the limited edition Chinese Zodiac figurines do indeed include a unique Swarovski certificate of authenticity.

Starting off with some background information, Swarovski has a crystal collection known as the Chinese Zodiac.  These crystal figurines are produced in silver shade crystal.  While there are 12 different animals representing the Chinese astrology, Swarovski presently has only six Chinese Zodiac figurines (under $300):
  • Swarovski Zodiac Dog (2006)
  • Swarovski Zodiac Horse (2002, 2014)
  • Swarovski Zodiac Pig (2007)
  • Swarovski Zodiac Rabbit (2011)
  • Swarovski Zodiac Sheep (2003, 2015)
  • Swarovski Zodiac Tiger (2010)
In the Asian market, the company produced some limited edition Swarovski Chinese Zodiac figurines.  These crystal figurines are different from the six above in that they are:
  • Limited by year of production
  • Crystal golden shine in color (not clear silver shade crystal)
  • Include a special Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity (stating limited edition figurine)

Two golden shadow limited edition Swarovski Chinese Zodiacfigurines have been produced to date:

  • Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Tiger
  • Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

All these Chinese Zodiacs have a fold-out card titled ‘The Chinese Zodiac’.  The information is printed in both Chinese and English.  This is not a Swarovski certificate of authenticity; it is a brochure that discusses the Chinese Zodiac astrology personalities.  It is included with all Chinese Zodiac figurines.  However, the limited edition Chinese Zodiac figurines also have a certificate of authenticity specific to the figurine.

Swarovski Chinese Zodiac fold-out card (included with all Chinese Zodiac figurines)

Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity for the Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Tiger

All this being said, in 2011, Swarovski is making two more Chinese Zodiac figurines.  These are in crystal golden shine, but are NOT limited editions. The 2011 releases are much larger and much more expensive (over $850 retail). While I would assume that these Large Chinese Zodiac figurines include ‘The Chinese Zodiac’ fold out card, since I don’t have either of them in my collection, I cannot say for certain.  The 2011 Chinese Zodiac introductions are

Since the limited edition Chinese Zodiacs were only available retail market in China, most Swarovski crystal fanatics wanting them were forced to turn to the online auctions or Swarovski secondary market dealers to secure the figurines for their collection.  Crystal Exchange America presently has listings for the limited edition Zodiac Tiger and limited edition Zodiac Rabbit.  No matter who the supplying source is, be sure that your limited edition Chinese Zodiac includes the Swarovski certificate of authenticity for maximum resale value.

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