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Here are more acronyms used in advertising Swarovski crystal that is offered for sale.  While the many experienced Swarovski Crystal collectors understand the frequently used acronyms, there are still a lot of people buying and selling Swarovski who do not have knowledge of the acronyms or can be mislead by improper use of the acronym.  So, I thought I’d do my best to cover a few more acronyms and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski COA – Swarovski Certificate of Authenticity.  For the majority of Swarovski crystal products, the Swarovski COA is truly a generic product booklet that can be interchanged with other Swarovski crystal products. I have a lengthy page on the Crystal Exchange America site about Swarovski Certificates and two Kristall Buzz Swarovski blog postings on the Swarovski COA:
Swarovski Certificates / Generic Product Booklets 1976 to present
The Swarovski COA is definitely important for some figurines, but the ones in the image above are the interchangeable generic product booklets.  Swarovski SCS figurines and Swarovski AE figurines should have certificates.  In many cases (but not all cases), limited edition figurines have a special Swarovski COA.  Not all sellers are knowledgeable about Swarovski because they are not serious collectors.  For a Swarovski Annual Edition, the seller may include the generic product booklet in lieu the true Swarovski COA.  This would likely be a costly mistake for an unskilled collector who does not know what the ‘complete package’ should include.  Purchasing a special (correct) Swarovski COA may not be an easy task as they are typically harder to find and can be expensive to purchase separately.
Wrapping up, this should serve as a reminder to thoroughly read auction descriptions, view the auction images if there are any, and ask questions if there might be contradictory information.  Use caution when an auction for an Annual Edition states Swarovski COA included, but shows an image of the generic product booklet.  When in doubt, ask questions about the items included for sale and what the seller’s return policy is.  When the transaction is finished, the buyer should be happy with outcome final price.

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