Mar 212011
Swarovski Tinker Bell (LE 2008), step aside and make room for Swarovski Tinker Bell (2011).  Tinker Bell (2011) is available for purchase at the Swarovski web site, and this is great news for Swarovski fanatics and Disney fanatics alike.
Swarovski Tinkerbell 2008
This new pair of Swarovski Disney characters of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan retail for $300 each.  There is also a title plaque ($55), in the shape of a star, for the duo. The identification number for Swarovski Tinker Bell is 1073747.  The identification number for Swarovski Peter Pan is 1077772.
Swarovski Tinkerbell 2011
While the pictures at the Swarovski web site make this Tinker Bell figurine look rather cute, I do have concerns as to the effects that this new release will have on the value of the Swarovski Limited Edition Tinker Bell that was sold in 2008.
Here are some comparative facts on the Swarovski Tinker Bell, LE 2008 and Tinker Bell, 2011:
Retail price… $300 in 2008 (included title plaque).  $300 in 2011.
  • Height…4 13/16″ in 2008. 5 1/8″ in 2011.
  • Wings… Aurore Boreale in 2008.  Crystal Blue Aurore Boreale in 2011.
  • Base….Clear, resembling a waterlily candleholder in 2008.  Matte crystal in 2011.
  • Outfit….Clear in 2008.  Green Olivine Crystal in 2011.
Since there are now two Swarovski Tinker Bell figurines, Swarovski crystal collectors and Disney collectors have choices when purchasing Tinker Bell.  Collectors should use care if purchasing the 2008 LE Swarovski Tinker Bell.  As there are a number of similarities, the most obvious stand-out feature is the green dress for the 2011 figurine.  Be aware of the differences so that you don’t pay a ‘2008 LE’ price tag for a 2011 figurine with a Peter Pan plaque included.

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