Apr 152011

Since 1976, Swarovski has generally included a Swarovski Certificate inside the packaging for the majority of crystal figurines. While the paperwork does indeed state certificate on the front side, it served a purpose of advertising other Swarovski crystal figurines in production at that time.  When Swarovski moved away from the octagonal-shaped literature, the ‘certificate’ no longer featured product photos.  All along, these Swarovski certificates were very interchangeable among products, keeping in mind the production eras of the various figurines.

Swarovski Certificates 1976 thru 2010

In 2011, Swarovski has made changes to the paperwork (Swarovski COA) included the crystal figurines. In the last couple of purchases, I have not found any blue certificate, red certificate, or white certificate.  Instead, I find a card labeled Certificate of Authenticity (in both English and French) on the front side, and on the backside, a reference number, date of purchase, and initials of order fulfillment person. I have found only a single card for a multiple unit purchase, not one card per item.  The card is about 3.25 inches long and is enclosed in a pearlized envelope with the word Swarovski in Silver foil on the front.  Plus, in the envelope is a ‘care advice’ booklet.  This booklet includes brief advice on caring for ‘fashion jewelry and watches’, ‘handbags and accessories’, and the ‘crystal living collection’.  This Care Advice booklet is printed in both English and French.

Swarovski COA 2011

Swarovski does continue to include unique certificates for Swarovski AE figurines. The Swarovski Siku Polar Bear has a certificate specific to the 2011 SCS crystal figurine.  It does not use the newer Swarovski COA and care advice unit described above.

It is possible that the Swarovski certificate may be a cost-savings (every penny counts these days).  It could be that this personally-dated card is used to validate a warranty period.  It may be speculated that this may be a technique to close the loop on grey-market purchases…no card…no warranty support.  In any case, it is becoming more important to purchase current products online or from an authorized Swarovski dealer to ensure your full warranty is honored.  Collectors will have to quickly give up the notion that their new Swarovski crystal figurines will have a certificate of authenticity if multiple items are combined into a single order.

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