Jun 302011

I’ve been seeing more on the internet about Goo Hara and Swarovski, but I still was uncertain as to how much is truth and just how much is rumor.

We all know who Swarovski is and all the history of the Swarovski crystal brand.  But how many USA Swarovski collectors know who Goo Hara is?  Goo Hara is from South Korea.  She’s 20 years old.  She is a singer in a group called Kara.  And now, it seems that she may be a model for Swarovski!  Information obtained on the internet indicated she participated in photo shoots and was well-liked by Swarovski.  Since Swarovski has NOT made any official press release, I don’t have any other details on the veracity.

Goo Hara posing with Swarovski Swan necklace, earrings, and barrette

Along with a number of other Japanese celebrities, Goo Hara did attend the event in Japan “Swarovski presents ‘House of Hello Kitty’ held June 29.  I saw video of Goo Hara posing with the Swarovski Hello Kitty purse launching very soon at the Swarovski and Hello Kitty.

Goo Hara at the Swarovski Hello Kitty event June 29

The Swarovski and ‘House of Hello Kitty’ event runs June 30 to July 10, 2011 at Omotesandou Hills in Japan.  Attendees have the option to purchase 31 Swarovski Hello Kitty goods directly.  Proceeds from purchases at this event go to the Japanese Red Cross for the earthquake relief fund.

If the Goo Hara – Swarovski relationship is true, she may be appearing in our Swarovski crystal quarterly magazines soon!

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