Jun 232011

Great news for our Swarovski crystal fanatics friends…we’ve received more credible news, from an authorized retailer web site, about the Swarovski Crystal 2011 Lovlots figurines soon to be released!

Swarovski Anna and Emma are mice.  They are just like the Joe and Harry mice, but have fuschia accents.  Joe and Harry are clear mice that were released in 2006.  The system number for these Swarovski crystal figurines is 843090.  At the moment, Swarovski Joe and Harry are current and the set retails for $53.  The Swarovski system number for Anna and Emma mice is 1090726.

Swarovski Coco is a small dog.  Coco is blue in color.  The system number for Swarovski Coco is 1089200.

Swarovski Piggy Sue is….can you guess….a pig!  Piggy Sue is dark pink, but is just like her clear counterpart, Piggy Pong.  Piggy Pong was released in 2007 and is slated for release this year.  Swarovski Piggy Pong sells for $55 and the system number is 894551.  The system number for Swarovski Piggy Sue is 1090725.

Swarovski Scottie is a green dog, likely a terrier. The system number for Swarovski Scottie is 1089199.
I wonder if Coco and Scottie will be added to the Swarovski Gang of Dogs family in the Lovlots product line.  If so, this group will be up to 7 dogs.  Other Gang of Dogs figurines includes: Peppino, Salvatore, Tomaso, Tomasino, and Violetta.

These new Swarovski Lovlots, Anna and Emma, Coco, Piggy Sue, and Scottie, will retail for $55 – $105 depending on the figurine.

Retired and Limited Edition Lovlots can be found at the Crystal Exchange America web site, which can be found at www.crystalexchange.com .  I’m looking forward to seeing these Lovlots Swarovski crystal figurines in the near future!

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