Jul 112011

Swarovski Santa Mo has officially launched in the Swarovski online store.  As the orders begin coming in, Santa Mo will begin its journey to spend Christmas 2011 in thousand of the new homes.

Swarovski Santa Mo, Limited Edition 2011

This sweet Swarovski Lovlots limited edition cow (Swarovski system number 1096024) is dressed in a classic Santa suit, complete with Santa hat.  This Swarovski figurine will be available only in 2011.

Knowing that this is a Swarovski Limited Edition, many crystal fanatics may purchase extra Christmas Santa Mo figurines speculating on how popular this collectible may be beginning on 2012.  As a result, Santa Mo may appear soon in online auctions or the secondary market.   Once Crystal Exchange America has any listings for the figurine, the Swarovski Santa Mo will be found in the  ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category of the store.
Here’s looking forward to a Merry Christmas with a new Santa Mo in my crystal cabinet!

Jul 102011

The Kristall Buzz, a blog on Swarovski Crystal, has launched its third YouTube video, this time featuring the Swarovski Lovlots in a different location. Take a look!

Mr McLovlots initially has 5 cows, 2 ducks, 3 sheep, and then adds 5 more cows.  His first Swarovski cow family features:

Mr McLovlots’ duck family consists of

  • Swarovski Lily and Luke, introduced 2009 and still current

Mr McLovlots’ sheep family includes

  • Swarovski Shady, Limited Edition 2006
  • Swarovski Y2B, introduced 2006 and retires 2011

And in the end, Mr McLovlots adds a 2nd cow family to his farm herd:

The Swarovski figurines: Missy Mo and Y2B are two of the crystal figurines from the Swarovski Lovlots Pioneers.  They are both clear crystal collectibles.

Lily and Luke are full-color members of the Swarovski City Park group.

Shady (sheep) and the following Swarovski Cows: Pinky Mo, Soccer Mo, Flower Mo, Halloween Mo, Country Mos, Glamour Mos, and Sunshine Mo are all Swarovski Lovlots Special Editions.  These Swarovski Limited Editions are/were only produced for a specific calendar year.

The Swarovski designer Edith Mair is credited for all the cute Swarovski crystal creations cast in the Swarovski McLovLots farm video.

If you are creating your own Swarovski farm, nearly all the featured cast members are available in the Crystal Exchange America store:   www.CrystalExchange.com .  Simply go to the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ or ‘Lovlots & Zodiacs’ category to see the crystal pieces presently available with current pricing.

Jul 072011

Yesterday, I got an email from the Swarovski about a current sale, for 30% – 50% off select items.  Among the crystal figurines on sale was an expensive item in the Paradise line…the Swarovski Blue Turquoise Roller Bird.

Swarovski Blue Turquoise Roller Bird

Swarovski Blue Turquoise Roller Bird

The Swarovski Blue Roller is a large crystal bird figurine, about 10″ wide.  The Swarovski Roller (9600 000 125 / 957 568) was designed by Anton Hirzinger.  The bird is blue turquoise and black diamond in color.  The bird is attached to a metal stand.  The Swarovski Roller is in the Silver Lake collection of the Paradise line.  Originally introduced in 2011, it had a retail price of $950.  The sale price now is $570!

The Swarovski Blue Roller is similar (in my opinion) to seven other large bird figurines in the Swarovski Paradise line.  All these Swarovski birds are nearly 8″ tall and are very colorful:

Now is a great time to purchase the Swarovski Roller if that is a crystal figurine you were planning to add to your collection.  As the Kingfishers, Bee-Eaters, and Woodpeckers are still current, they can be purchased directly from the Swarovski store.  The other retired figurines can be found at www.CrystalExchange.com in the Swarovski Birds category of the online store. Tweet tweet for now!

Jul 062011

Looking for a very special gift for a Swarovski crystal fanatic friend?  A lovely hair straightener may be an option?

Swarovski crystal embellished flat iron

I have found this Linea Pro Swarovski Crystal C2 Iron
that is individually numbered and made to order.  According to Amazon, there are over 2500 hand set Swarovski crystal stones on each flat iron.  The effort includes 8 man-hours of stone setting and 48 hours for the glue to cure.  Each Swarovski-studded flat iron includes a certificate of authenticity and plaque from the Swarovski factory.

The retail price is $850 USD!  That’s a whopper of a price for a flat iron, so hopefully it works as well as it sparkles.

While I saw this sparkly flat iron mentioned on a number of sites, I only found it available for purchase on the Amazon site.

It is surprizing at the number of power tools and electrical appliances that are being made these days, completely covered in Swarovski crystal stones!

Jul 012011

Looking for a new Swarovski crystal figurine?  You don’t like to order online without seeing it first?  You don’t have time for it to be shipped because you need it tomorrow?  Just locate the closest Swarovski store to make your purchase.

The Swarovski store locator is the answer to your question!  The Swarovski store locator is right on the Swarovski web site, so there won’t be a false positive…..indicating that the is a Swarovski store only to find out that the store no longer carries Swarovski crystal / products or that the store has even closed. The Swarovski store locator is easy to use:
  1. Pick the desired country / region
  2. Next, select the state / province
  3. Lastly, choose the town / city.

These shore steps will help any Swarovski crystal shopper in locating a store nearby.  The more broad information entered on the Store Finder form, the higher the number of stores will be displayed in the store finder search results.  The search results contain a lot of information:  Business Name and Type (Authorized Retailer or Swarovski Boutique), phone number, city, state, zip code (for stores in the USA), tiny icons indicating product lines carried at that location: Swarovski Jewelry, Swarovski Watches, Swarovski Figurines, Swarovski Fashion Accessories,  Swarovski Member Products (SCS), Swarovski Home Accessories, Swarovski Sunglasses, Swarovski Fragrances-Beauty, and Swarovski Gift Cards.

So be sure and bookmark the Swarovski Store Finder…you’ll never know when you might need it!