Jul 132011

Noted for its expert craftsmanship and elegant appeal, the Nirvana ring distinctively Swarovski’s iconic design and shines as a timeless classic among Swarovski rings.

Swarovski Nirvana Ring

The Nirvana ring, launched in 1998 after two years of technical research, is part of the Daniel Swarovski Couture collection. Available in a wide array of crystal colors, including white, red or blue flash, jet black, emerald green, tanzanite and lavender glitter, the assortment is enriched each season with a new shade.

Nirvana Crowne, which debuted in the FW 2010 collection. is encircled with crystals applied by hand using the exclusive Pointiage® technique, and the FW 2011 collection will introduce the Nirvana Petite ring, the latest variation of this contemporary classic.

To celebrate the ring’s enduring allure, Swarovski will hold a monthly sweepstakes (through the end of 2011) beginning on May 5, 2011. The winners will be awarded a Nirvana Ring, crafted in faceted clear crystal and silver. To enter the Nirvana Ring Sweepstakes, visit WWW.SWAROVSKI.COM/nirvana .

To enter the sweepstakes, partipants are signing up to receive their Swarovski Newsletter, and being entered in the sweepstakes all at once.

Swarovski told me that collectors can enter the sweepstakes every month to have the best chance at winning, but will only receive only a single email of each newsletter.

The crystal brand has produced a video incorporating the Swarovski Nirvana Ring, and it is in the February Kristall Buzz Archives.

Best of luck to all crystal fanatics who enter the sweepstakes….I’ve got my entry in for the August drawing now!

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