Nov 022011

Today, we received the official Swarovski news that the Swarovski Orange Shine Panther is now SOLD OUT!  The Orange Shine Panther publicly launched August 29, 2011.  This Swarovski Panther was a limited edition figurine (Swarovski NLE) of 888 units.  The orange wild cat, in a typical cat pose, retailed for $1110.

Swarovski Soulmates Orange Shine Panther

Swarovski Orange Shine Limited Edition Panther

Despite it being ‘another limited edition’ panther, I expected a quick sell out, like the Swarovski  Black Panther.  The Swarovski Limited Edition Black Panther (Swarovski NLE) was limited to 500 units and retailed for $960 when it was briefly available at the online Swarovski shoppe in April, 2010.

The Orange Shine Panther and Black Panther are among Swarovski crystal feline friends….Swarovski also produced a clear Panther figurine, that retired in 2011 and a moroda Panther figurine which is presently available in the Swarovski shoppe.  The Kristall Buzz has featured a number of articles about Swarovski Panthers:

I’m wondering what the crystal brand is thinking….

  • Is another colored, limited edition Swarovski panther figurine in the works?
  • Does the extended time available indicate that Swarovski collectors did not like the orange-shine color?
  • Does the extended time available imply that Swarovski collectors might not be interested to purchase another limited edition panther in a different color?

Now, if feline fanatics want to purchase the Swarovski Orange Panther, they will have to turn to the secondary market or online auctions.  At Crystal Exchange America, the Black Panther and Orange Shine Panther, as well as other Swarovski NLE figurines, can be found in the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category of the store.  Or collectors can use the powerful store search feature, keyword ‘panther’ to restrict the search results to Swarovski panthers.

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