Dec 122011

Swarovski has produced 4 different colors of the Soulmates Panthers available for sale to the public:

But just how many Swarovski crystal collectors are fortunate enough to be able to see the Swarovski “Eclectic Panther” project which is on display in Vienna?  This is an amazing assembly of Swarovski Panther figurines.

Swarovski shows just a few of the panthers from the “Moments of Wonder” collection on their own web site: Swarovski Eclectic Panther .  Among the pictures, one shown is a hot pink panther (not one that would match my home décor very well) and a very attractive blackish-silverish, almost chrome-like, panther figurine.  The two photos below are compliments of Swarovski Vienna.

Swarovski Eclectic Pink Panther

Swarovski Pink Panther, member in the Eclectic Panther Collection

Swarovski Black / Silver / Chrome-like Panther

Swarovski Chrome / Black / Silver Panther, member in the Eclectic Panther Collection

Swarovski’s web site includes:

Constant renewal, change and innovation are some of the maxims of Swarovski: the “Eclectic Panther” project is the realisation of the fusion of creative minds in the company.

As diverse and variable crystal matter is, so also are the multitude of colours, effects and materials of more than 40 “Eclectic Panthers”. The high precision cutting technique, one of Swarovski’s core competences, has been newly interpreted and applied to much differing materials such as wood, silicone or concrete.

I hear that the Swarovski Eclectic Panther figurines have some type of special marking on it to indicate it is a part of this unique collection.  It would be interesting to see a close-up image of the marking.

For now, Swarovski collectors can only speculate if the crystal brand might release another Swarovski Panther figurine in 2012 and if so, is it a traditional release or is it a limited edition Swarovski crystal figurine?

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