May 292012

Luxury brands are constantly coming up with new ideas to spark loyal customer interest.    In February, 2011, the Kristall Buzz featured an article about Limited Edition Swarovski Ugg Boots.  Today, I found news that the famous boot maker Ugg is again using Swarovski crystal stones to decorate their most comfortable boots… Ugg is launching Wedding Day Boots and Wedding Day Flip Flops!

Ugg Boots and Flip Flops for the Wedding

Ugg Wedding Day Footwear

Ugg will have 2 ankle boot styles:  Sparkles and Baily Bling.  Sparkles will be decorated with pink and white sequins.  Sparkles will retail for $190.  But, here we go…..Bailey Bling will be decorated with Swarovski crystal stones on the button!  Bailey Bling will retail for $225.  Fluff are the furry flip-flops that will retail for $80.

Ugg Bailey Bling Decorated with a Swarovski Crystal Button

Swarovski Ugg Bailey Bling

All 3 footwear products will have light blue soles, just in case that bride forgets her “something blue” in her wedding day attire.

More information can be found on Ugg Austrailia web site, as well as the ability to make your purchase now:

I can’t honestly see a bride or the wedding party wearing Swarovski Ugg Boots during the wedding, but to each their own.  I think the flip-flops would feel nice on a bride’s feet during the reception, and who would even know as more often than not, their beautiful wedding gown hides their feet.

Hopefully the bride and groom will have some Swarovski Crystal figurines in their bridal registry too!

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