Jun 152012

Steiff bear collectors and fanatics may be interested in a spring-release Steiff Bear decorated with sparkling Swarovski stones.

Steiff Diamant Bear, Limited Edition for 2012, Decorated with Swarovski Crystal Elements

Swarovski Steiff Diamond Bear, 2012 Limited Edition

This recent teddy bear is named Diamond (also known as Diamant Teddybär).  The bear features a cream-colored coat of silk material.  Diamond / Diamant wears a Swarovski gold-colored pendant with a Swarovski stone simulating a brilliant diamond.  The bear has paws encrusted with Swarovski crystal Elements stones that reflect a rainbow depending on the bear’s surroundings.

Steiff Diamond  is a limited edition bear.   There are only 2000 available.  Naturally, the Diamond Steiff Bear can be purchased from the Steiff USA site.

I noticed that the Teddy Bear company discusses a previous release Swarovski Steiff Sapphire in the promotion for Diamond / Diamant . Sapphire and the Diamond teddy bears do have their similarities with their paws decorated with Swarovski dust.  Both bears being named after gemstones, I’m wondering if we are likely to see a Swarovski Steiff Emerald?  Or perhaps a Swarovski Steiff Ruby?

Swarovski and Steiff have been releasing limited editions bears since 2004.  Some of the prior teddy bears include….:

  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Daniel – 2004
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Crystal – 2005
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Orian – 2006
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Jewels – 2007
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Poinsettia – 2007
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Flurrie – 2008
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Kringle – 2009
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Twinkle – 2010
  • Steiff Swarovski Bear Candy – 2011

Remember, Diamond is a Steiff / Swarovski Limited Edition piece, so don’t delay your purchase if this is a teddy bear that you want to add to your Steiff collection or Swarovski collection.  And if you are looking for an older bear, try Crystal Exchange America as they have a few retired Steiff bears.

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