Mar 142015

Today is the Pi Day of the century, the ultimate for math fanatics!  Pi, known by mathematicians as π, is an irrational number that begins with to 3.1415926535…  Today is 3.14.15 (we have the first five digits so far!).  At 9:26:53 am or pm, that’s the next five digits.  So, at 2 different times day, we have the first 10 digits of π!  The next time that will happen will be in 2115, and just how many crystal fanatics might be around for that celebration!

Swarovski Pineapples

Swarovski Trimlite Pineapple (left) and Swarovski Silver Crystal Pineapple (right).

With the play on numbers on Pi Day, how about a play on words and symbols?  I’m unaware of any Swarovski pie figurines, so let’s go with π-neapple figurines!  (Hope that wasn’t TOO bad??)

Dating back to the late 1980’s, the crystal giant produced 2 different Trimlite Pineapple figurines:

  • Small Pineapple – 52622.  Production dates for this Trimlite Pineapple was 1985 to 1988.  It measures about 2″ tall, including the crystal and gold metal topper.
  • Medium Pineapple – 52623.  Production dates for this Trimlite Pineapple was 1985 to 1988.  It measures about 2.75″ tall, including the crystal and gold metal topper.

The famous crystal brand also made Swarovski pineapple figurines in the “Silver Crystal” product line:

  • Small Pineapple with a gold leaf topper – 7507060001 / 012 726.   Production dates for this Silver Crystal Pineapple was 1986 to 2004.  Total height of this Swarovski Pineapple is about 2.5″.
  • Small Pineapple with a silver / rhodium leaf topper – 7507060002  / 012 727.   Production dates for this Swarovski Crystal Pineapple was 1981 to 2007.  Total height of this Swarovski Pineapple is about 2.5″.  This small pineapple has been documented with smooth leaves or  textured (hammered) leaves.
  • Large Pineapple with a gold leaf topper – 7507105001 / 010 044.   Production dates for this Swarovski Pineapple was 1981 to 2007.  Total height of this Swarovski Pineapple is about 4.125″. This large pineapple has been documented with smooth leaves or  textured (hammered) leaves and even with different shaped crystal components.
  • Large Pineapple with a silver / rhodium leaf topper – 7507060002  / 010 081.   Production dates for this Silver Crystal Pineapple was 1981 to 1986.  Total height of this Swarovski Pineapple is about 4.125″.  This large pineapple has been documented with smooth leaves or  textured (hammered) leaves.
  • Giant Pineapple with a gold leaf topper – 7507260001 / 010 116.   Production dates for this Silver Crystal Pineapple was 1981 to 2008.  Total height of this super-sized pineapple is about 9 3/4″ and a massive weight of over 10.5 lbs. This giant pineapple has been documented with textured (hammered) leaves only, but with and without special markings indicating whether it is a part of the ” Signed Collection” European series.
  • Giant Pineapple with a silver / rhodium leaf topper – 7507260002 / 010 258.   Production dates for this Swarovski Pineapple was 1981 to 1986.  Total height of this super-sized pineapple is about 9 3/4″ and a massive weight of over 10.5 lbs. This giant pineapple has been documented with textured (hammered) leaves only, but with and without special markings indicating whether it is a part of the “Signed Collection” European series.

The Crystal Exchange America website has some Swarovski Pineapple figurines in their online store.  They can be found in the Fruit category (on the left side of the screen)

Mar 132015

Following up on our last post on Swarovski Savvy,  I have been able to get a bit more information about the history of the Swarovski Savvy Jewelry line!

The  Swarovski Savvy line was live from 1986 through the end of 1999.  Here is a timeline of the milestones during its years in production:

  • 1986:  Swarovski Savvy was launched in the United States.
  • 1987:  Swarovski Savvy was launched in Europe and Asia.
  • 1995:  Swarovski phased out  the Savvy line in Europe and Asia.
  • 1995 – 1999: Swarovski Savvy line remained available in the United States.
  • 1999:  Swarovski Savvy was merged with the Swarovski Jewelers Collection, so the line  Swarovski Savvy was ended.

Ebay presently has  150+ Swarovski Savvy jewelry items in the online auctions.  That includes: Swarovski Savvy Necklaces, Swarovski Savvy Pendants, Swarovski Savvy Bracelets,  Swarovski Savvy Earrings, Swarovski Savvy Brooches, and Swarovski Savvy Pins.  Most of the jewelry has original cards and tags, which is amazing for jewelry that is likely 20+ years old!

Crystal Exchange America has put some of Swarovski Savvy  jewelry on ebay .  If you like auctions, check them out.  Swarovski Savvy jewelry is also available in our online store at .

Mar 042015
Savvy Jewelry by Swarovski

Swarovski Savvy Jewelry Logos


About a year ago, Crystal Exchange America took in a Swarovski crystal collection for consignment.  There was a good bit of jewelry in the collection, including a few Swarovski Savvy pieces.


There’s really not much known about the Swarovski Savvy product line.  I decided to  peruse through Amazon and Ebay to see what I might learn.   Amazon did not show any Swarovski Savvy jewelry offerings.  On the other hand, there were 150+ Swarovski Savvy products that appeared in the Ebay search results.


I found Swarovski Savvy Necklace items, Swarovski Savvy Bracelet items,  Swarovski Savvy Earrings, Swarovski Savvy Pins, Swarovski Savvy Brooches, and Swarovski Savvy Pendants.  To my surprise, a lot of the Savvy Jewelry on Ebay still had original merchandise tags.


From various product descriptions and a bit of other research, It appeared that the Swarovski Savvy line was sold mostly in department stores,  like Dilliards (who has also sold some Trimlite-like figurines).  And  I did notice that many original tags indicated “Swarovski full lead crystal”.


Swarovski used a number of different text fonts and styles during its limited production years in the 1990s.  And it seems that Savvy was not trademarked, possibly due to its short lifespan?

Crystal Exchange America has put some of Swarovski Savvy Jewelry necklaces and earrings on Ebay . If you love to bid and win, check them out on Ebay.  If you prefer the buy-it-now style for purchasing, the very same Swarovski Savvy Jewelry is available in our online store.

Mar 022015

In September 2014, WBRBOnline added features to the Swarovski Database that has over 3300 items in it.  The new functionality in the software allows subscribers to record and keep their inventory of their Swarovski crystal collection.

Swarovski Software using WBRBOnline Swarovski Database

Swarovski Software using WBRB Swarovski Database

Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski Crystal has been annually publishing books on Swarovski figurines for over 20 years!  Their online counterpart,, allows subscribers to access the very same Swarovski factual information as their printed books for a fraction of the price.  Users may view a plethora of information on current and retired Swarovski figurines:  Swarovski Name, Swarovski Part Number, Swarovski System Number, Swarovski Designer, MSRP, ERV (better known as the Swarovski Value for insurance purposes), dimensions, Swarovski Introduction Date, Status (year retired or current), which Swarovski Logos are on the figurine, and a paragraph of information on the crystal piece.

In the recent enhancements, Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books added new functionality to the site that should be pleasing to Swarovski collectors looking for an all-inclusive solution to inventory their Swarovski figurines. This has been welcomed by many former Star Track Software users, who found their Swarovski software was no longer being updated or supported as of 2009.  Just like Star Track Software, users can add custom figurines and over-ride the ERV for their insurance values.  The WBRB Swarovski Software also allows users to download a text file that can be used with programs like MS Excel to format data to their liking for a printed report.  A complete Swarovski Software Demo can be found on the WBRB web site.

This is wonderful news for Swarovski crystal fanatics who might be missing Star Track Software.  This may just be the time to get a Swarovski Software subscription and get your inventory updated!

Feb 062015

Swarovski fanatics are generally excited to learn about limited editions.  We recently learned about an unusual limited edition Swarovski Nativity Set available in a European country.

This Swarovski Nativity Set was available in Germany.  At some point, Swarovski made a decision to not be involved in religious motifs (according to information I  received).  However, this Nativity set had already been made.  A German company agreed to purchase 100 from this lot already produced and sell them under their own name around 2004.

Swarovski German Nativity Set

Swarovski Limited Edition Nativity Set from Germany

The Limited Edition Nativity Set consisted of crystal Joseph, crystal Mary, and crystal Baby Jesus.  The base is black lacquered wood.  Since they are not sold under the Swarovski name, they would not have any Swarovski marking on them.   And instead, ALL of the crystal figurines have “Artfides” on the bottom of them.  The clothing of the people figurines are clear crystal.  Faces, hands (basically flesh areas) are frosted.  Joseph is approximately 18 cm high, Mary 11 cm high, and Baby Jesus 9 cm wide.  A Swarovski system # associated with this set is 680865.


What a find for the collectors who have Swarovski Limited Edition Nativity Set in their collection!

The crystal brand has previously produced ‘The Cross of Light’ and other Swarovski Nativity Figurines:

At the Crystal Exchange America website, Swarovski Nativity figurines can be found in the Christmas & Ornaments category when there are listings available for purchase.

Jan 262015

The crystal giant has produced a very small quantity of items specifically with a smoker in mind: the Swarovski Ashtray, the Swarovski  Cigarette Lighter, and last but not least the Swarovski Cigarette Holder.

While there were 5 crystal ashtrays, and 3 crystal cigarette lighters, there were basically 2 crystal cigarette holders:  a solid crystal one, and one with various metal accents.

The most common Swarovski Cigarette Holder is 100% crystal with no metal accents.  Known by the Swarovski part number 7463 062 000, this piece was designed by Max Schreck, and produced 1981 to 1990.  With a height of about 2.25″, it was designed to hold unused cigarettes.

The other, far more unique and hard to find Swarovski Cigarette Holder was produced 1977 to 1983 with a variety of metal accents:  Swarovski Polished Rhodium Cigarette Holder (shiney silver), Swarovski Brushed Rhodium Cigarette Holder (brushed silver), and Swarovski Polished Gold Cigarette Holder (shiney gold).  This item stands about 5 1/2″ tall and is documented by the Swarovski part number 7503 050 000 regardless of the metal trim.

A Swarovski Polished Rhodium Cigarette Holder was recently available on ebay.  Last week, it failed to get an opening bid of $79.   A few days later, it was relisted at a fixed price of $115, and sold in < 12 hours.

Swarovski Cigarette Holder figurines can be found at Crystal Exchange America in the “Useful Swarovski” , “More Functional” sub-category.  Using and cleaning cigarette holders, they are more likely to become damaged than if they were only displayed in cabinets. If  you plan to actually “use” them, I would not recommend paying top dollar to ensure it is in MINT condition or that it includes original box and coa certificate/paperwork.

Jan 242015

It seems that nearly everyone is using fitness trackers these days, measuring their activities as well as their sleep.  There are pros and cons to every device ranging from price, accuracy, battery life, and color.  I found one that is a definite ‘PRO’ in terms of fashion and bling with a sweet battery life and features a waterproof activity tracker!

Swarovski Slake Set  Misfit Fitness Activity Tracker

Misfit Swarovski Slake Set Fitness Activity Tracker


Yesterday, I saw that Misfit Wearables (a hardware company that designs and manufactures wearable products that utilize sensor technology) and Swarovski have teamed up for some useful, blingy, fashionable fitness trackers!  The activity tracker is a fully faceted crystal in a Swarovski exclusive cut, that measures your activities and sleep, and syncs with your smartphone. A battery is included, which from several sites appears to be replaceable and lasts 4 to 8 months.

The Swarovski Shine Vio Set, Swarovski Shine Slake Set, and Swarovski Shine Piofioria Set are shown on the Swarovski web site, however, at this time, the pre-order must be done at the Misfit web site.  These sets include the actual activity tracker.  Prices for the sets are $169 – $249.  One article indicated that the sets would be available at in the spring of 2015.

Additionally, pendant and wristband accessories (without the device tracker) can be pre-ordered at the Misfit web site: Serora Pendant, Lisea Pendant, Vio Pendant, Cardoon Leather Wristband, Cleyera Wristband, Piofioria Wristband, and Slake Bracelet (in light gray, medium gray, and black). Prices for the accessories are $69 – $149.


Misfit Swarovski Purple Solar Powered Activity Tracker

Misfit Swarovski Purple Solar Activity Tracker

And that’s not all…. while I was researching for the article, I learned that yet another Swarovski Misfit tracker seem to be on the horizon!  I found pictures of a purple stone in a navy or purple slake bracelet.  The article with it sites that the purple one (Violet Swarovski Shine) is going to be a solar-powered fitness tracker!  The launch date of the Swarovski solar powered activity tracker was not evident anywhere I looked.

The Misfit Solutions are shown in their store for pre-order: Swarovski Shine Collection as well as the Swarovski site:  Swarovski Activity Tracker.  Naturally, Misfit’s  apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store allow users to get tracking information on their phone.

Seriously….seeing all this makes me want to track my activities just so I can get one!  This is exciting new for fitness fanatics and Swarovski crystal fanatics alike!



Jan 222015

Swarovski collectors can appreciate when the crystal giant makes products that are not only beautiful, but also useful (if you are a serious collector, you probably wont “use” something that is functional). Cigarette Smokers may be interested in the Swarovski Cigarette Lighter, as well as the Swarovski Crystal Ashtray products that have been available through the years.

The oldest Swarovski Ashtray figurines were like small bowls with a rim of polished silver or polished gold which included an extension to hold a cigarette.  These units are known as the Rhodium Polished Ashtray and Gold Polished Ashtray.  These Swarovski Ashtrays used the part number 7501 061 000 and system number 011 157.  These figurines were the smallest of the ashtrays made, measuring about 2″ in diameter. The ashtrays feature the old Swarovski logo since they were produced 1977 to 1983.

The more commonly seen Swarovski Ashtray is solid crystal and is nearly 4″ in diameter.  The identification numbers for this smoker’s accessory are 7461 100 000 and 010 061. Max Schreck was the Swarovski designer of this ashtray, which was available from 1981 to 1990.

In the late 1980’s and into the mid 1990’s, Swarovski produced some limited edition Swarovski Ashtrays, identifiable by their unique names: Posacenere and Cendrier.

The Swarovski Posacenere Ashtray (Posacenere is the Italian word for ashtray).  Being a part of the Daniel Swarovski line, this ashtray features Ettore Sottass signature along with an identifying serial number.  While the Swarovski Posacenere was limited to 500 units, it was available 1989 to 2001….quite a long time to sell 500 units.  Perhaps this was due to the sticker price of $1720????

Lastly is the Swarovski Cendrier Ashtray (Cendrier is the French word for ashtray).  The Swarovski Cendrier was limited to 2182 pieces and sold 1992 to 1995.  It was designed by Martin Szekely and sold for $190 during its 4 year production run.

Swarovski Ashtrays can be found at Crystal Exchange America in the “Useful Swarovski” category, “Ashtrays and Treasure Boxes” subcategory as well as the online auctions.  If  you plan to actually “use” a Swarovski Crystal Ashtray, I would not suggest paying extra money to ensure it is in MINT condition or that it includes original box/paperwork.  Using and cleaning ashtrays, they are far more likely to get damaged than if they were display only units.

Jan 172015

Swarovski produced a number of functional issues for their smoking collectors.  (Aren’t we all totally smoking Swarovski collectors????)

In the crystal brand’s earliest  years, they made a Swarovski Polished Rhodium Cigarette Lighter, a Swarovski Brushed Rhodium Cigarette Lighter, and a Swarovski Polished Gold Cigarette Lighter, all documented in  Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski.  These most original releases were more metal than crystal.

These Swarovski Cigarette Lighters were all recognized by a common part number 7500 00 000, despite their obvious visual differences of silver vs gold and polished vs brushed finishes.  Cigarette Lighters  of this part number were introduced in 1977 and retired in 1983.  All had a price tag of $160 US.

In 1981, Swarovski began production of another lighter, which was later retired in 1990.  This Swarovski Cigarette Lighter was more crystal than metal.  It’s part number was 746 062 000.  Over its production run of 9 years,  the crystal component varied slightly with some having a more rounded top and some having a more beveled top.

Some of these Swarovski Cigarette Lighters can be found at the online auctions and both will be ending this week.

If any of these lighters are something of interest, be sure to check out the auctions on ebay before it’s too late!

Apr 272013

A month or so back, I came across an article discussing how many large companies and consumers are being victimized by fraudulent websites.  One company specifically mentioned was Swarovski.   And the number of fake websites modeling theirs is growing.  Sadly enough, consumers and Swarovski crystal fanatics looking for a great deal on their favorite figurines and jewelry are likely to only end up with headaches and frustrated for weeks or months until the matter is closed.

The scenario is this….. a fraudster group of individuals picks a brand to target, in this case Swarovski.  They purchase a domain name (less than $50 for one year) that any normal internet user might believe is the official Swarovski brand.  Then the scammers get to work building the website (or pay to have it done).  Oftentimes, this heartless group will steal images, artwork, logos, and other material directly from the luxury brand’s own web site!  On the fake Swarovski websites, the prices will be so slashed, that it might be hard to resist.  The web site looks real.  The images are indeed Swarovski products.  The prices look great.  Why not!  Well, the ‘Why Not?’ should be easy…..if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.

Here are some of the non-official websites I located doing research for this article.  I intentionally did not link to them, so you will have to re-type them into another browser window to navigate to the site.    For legal reasons, I must say that I’m NOT implying that these sites sell fakes;  I am indicating that they are NOT the official brand that we think they are when looking at the products advertised on their sites.  Just like any other websites, consider the potential for malware (though I don’t believe there were any issues when I visited them):

  • Non-Official Site #1:
  • Non-Official Site #2:
  • Non-Official Site #3:
  • Non-Official Site #4:
  • Non-Official Site #5:
  • Non-Official Site #6:

Just for kicks, I picked a non-official website, and began the process to place an order.  When I picked to pay by credit card, I was transferred to a 3rd party payment domain owned by an individual or company in China.  I switched my method of payment to Western Union, and saw that the recipient address displayed was again in China.  So, lastly I selected Bank Transfer, and again, the recipient information shows a destination in China. Might this be an indicator of a Swarovski scam?  Certainly so!  After all, the official Swarovski brand is NOT in China!

Is this the luxury brand’s official web site……?

Is this an official Swarovski website?

Or Is this the luxury brand’s official web site……?

Is this an official Swarovski website?

Or is this the luxury brand’s official web site……?

Is this an official Swarovski website?

Naturally, Swarovski’s legal team goes after cyber-squatters whose sole purpose is to defraud consumers.  Here is one such domain name that Swarovski has claimed: .  From various sites where consumers report scams, this domain name appeared numerous times, so it was very wise for the crystal giant to display a blank page instead of the official Swarovski website.

Despite Swarovski getting control of the domain name, I would be certain that the process is expensive and takes a good bit of time wading through all the proper channels of command, so there is plenty of opportunity time-wise for consumers to be victimized by the scammers.  In most complaints and cases I read posted by the victims themselves, they report:

  • Receiving cheap plastic substitutions
  • Having emails that don’t use the domain name itself, i.e. Swarovski-deal @ .  In some cases, there is no email at all.  They use a ‘contact us’ form that essentially does nothing.
  • If there is email correspondence, it contains  very poor and broken English and grammar
  • Social Networking text and graphics on the website pages are not actual links (“Share Your Story”, “Like Us on Facebook”, “Follow Us on Twitter”, “Share This”, etc)

Swarovski crystal collectors and those who enjoy Swarovski jewelry should stick with reliable sources.  Don’t become a victim of Swarovski fraud.  Send emails to the website company for more information about their guarantees and return policies to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate company.  Follow your instinct; if it seems fishy, it probably is fishy.

Crystal collectors can count on the Swarovski Experts at Crystal Exchange America to ensure the figurines purchased from them are indeed genuine Swarovski.  Check out the Crystal Exchange America website at for retired and hard to find Swarovski figurines.

Apr 242013

Swarovski crystal fanatics may be interested in bidding on a Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener on ebay with a tempting starting bid!  The Beetle Bottle Opener presently at auction can be found on ebay – Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener .

Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener (Silver-colored shown)

Swarovski Rhodium Beetle Bottle Opener

The Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener extends about 4.25” in length.  The luxury crystal brand produced the Beetle Bottle Opener in its very early years: 1978 through 1983.  This item was available with 2 different metal finishes, gold and rhodium (silver colored).  Additionally, there are 2 different variations of the figurine, making a total of four different products.

Swarovski identifies the Swarovski Gold Beetle Bottle Opener with the product number 7505 076 001 and system number 011 840.  Similary, Swarovski identifies the Swarovski Rhodium Beetle Bottle Opener with the product number 7505 076 002 and the same system number 011 840.  So, if looking at the system numbers alone, it is not possible to identify if a particular Beetle Bottle Opener has a gold or rhodium finish.

During the 5 years that Swarovski sold the figurine through standard retail channels, the Beetle Bottle Opener (regardless of the metal colored trim) retailed for $80.  This figurine can be found only with the Block SC logo since its entire production run ended prior to the introduction of the Swarovski Swan logo.  The Block SC logo is found stamped in the metal part, not on the crystal component.

If you are looking for retired Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener collectibles, Crystal Exchange America has an array of variations available. The Crystal Exchange America web site is at  The Beetle Bottle Openers can be found in the category ‘Other Silver Crystal’, sub-category ‘Functional’.

Mar 192013

In the late 1980’s and into the 1st decade of 2000, Swarovski produced 6 train cars to make up the Crystal Locomotion set. Swarovski also created a mirror for the train cars and a wooden train track.

All the Swarovski train cars were available to purchase separately.  Below is a list of the figurines, their Swarovski identification numbers, and the years that they were available:

Swarovski Train

Swarovski Train on Wooden Track

Gabrielle Stamey was credited with the design for all the train cars.  These train figurines were part of the “When We Were Young” theme group.

The crystal brand also sold two different subsets of these figurines as a group.  One subset was the Swarovski Train (Set of 3) which consisted of the Locomotive, Tender Car, and Wagon Carriage.  All 3 figurines were in a single box and together retailed for $305.  The other subset was called it the Swarovski Train (Set of 4).  All 4 items were packaged in a single container, and sold for $400.  The train figurines in the foursome were the Locomotive, the Tender, the Wagon Carriage, and the Petrol Wagon.

Additionally, these train figurines should not be confused with the Swarovski Mini Train, which has the following identification numbers: 7471 400 000 / 193 014 .  The Mini Train is a set of 4 train cars in a single box, which includes a round mirror with a train track painted on it.  The Mini Train is much smaller, and the train cars between the 2 sets cannot be interchanged.  This set appears consists of a locomotive and 3 identical cars that are similar to the wagon carriage.

Crystal Exchange America presently has many of the Swarovski Train cars on ebay at attractive Buy It Now prices and FREE shipping!  Interested crystal collectors who may miss the specials on ebay can find the Swarovski Train figurines in the online store in the Swarovski Transportation category.

Mar 182013

I have marvelouos news for Swarovski collectors and new owners of Swarovski crystal figurines…..the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal Swarovski book is now available!

This Swarovski book is in its 20th year of publication.   The book authors, Tom and Jane Warner, are serious Swarovski collectors and update / re-publish the set of Swarovski books each year.

The Swarovski Silver Crystal book contains photos with detailed information about Swarovski SCS crystal figurines and the newly named Crystal Nature (formerly Silver Crystal) figurine releases (as well as product variations on them) for the past 35 years! That’s approximately 1500 Swarovski Crystal figurines in this book!

2013 Swarovski Catalogue 2013 Silver Crystal figurines

Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski, 2013 Ed.

There fundamental reasons for annually updating the Swarovski book are to:

  • Include preceding year Swarovski new releases and retirement data
  • Update Swarovski Value for insurance purposes (Swarovski ERV in the publication)

Research for the 2013 Swarovski book was performed just 2 months ago in January 2013, so the computed Swarovski ERV values for the retired Swarovski figurines for the 2013 edition is definitely fresh.

Some collectors feel that ‘values’ may be stagnant, and consider NOT purchasing books on a regular basis. However that is not necessarily the case when it comes to ‘insurance values’.  No one wants to overpay for insurance, and no one wants to be under-compensated when there are tragic losses.  Some collectors feel that trading values in the online auctions may be one possible way to determine a buying price if replacement Swarovski figurines need to be purchased, and that may be ok for some people who have very small collections (less than 50 figurines). But honestly…WHO has time and energy to research the statistics for a medium or large size collection (i.e. 300+ pieces). The Swarovski Experts have already done all that work for collectors, so it make the most sense to purchase the books and use their professional recommendations for insuring Swarovski crystal collections!

For Swarovski fanatics ready to purchase the newest, most accurate information, the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal, the order can be placed at or

Mar 162013

I have outstanding news for Swarovski crystal collectors…..the 2013 Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal Swarovski catalogue is now available!

This Swarovski catalogue is in its 17th year of publication.  Tom and Jane Warner, the book authors, are dedicated Swarovski collectors and annually publish new Swarovski books.

2013 Swarovski Catalogue 2013

Swarovski 2013 Book: Beyond Silver Crystal

The Swarovski Beyond Silver Crystal catalogue contains Swarovski pictures and detailed information about Swarovski crystal figurines across many company product lines for the past 35+ years! Photos in the book, together with dimensions and other facts that allow for accurate Swarovski identification to most precisely insure a Swarovski collection.  The Swarovski product lines or groupings include in the Beyond Silver Crystal book are:  Swarovski Symbols (formerly Crystal Moments), Pendants and Brooches, Swarovski Ornaments, Swarovski Mother Nature (formerly Crystal Paradise), Swarovski Home Accesssories, Swarovski Contemporary Nature (formerly Soulmates), Swarovski Asian Symbols, Swarovski Hello Kitty, Daniel Swarovski Home Accessories, Daniel Swarovski Masterpieces, Swarovski Crystal Myriad, Swarovski CrystalograM, Swarovski Julia’s World, Swarovski Perfume, Swarovski Paperweights, Swarovski Trimlite, Swarovski Crystal Signatures, and more!  There’s over 1700 Swarovski Crystal items in the Beyond Silver Crystal Book.

The primary reasons for re-publishing the Swarovski book each year are to:

  • Update previous year Swarovski crystal introductions and retirements
  • Revise Swarovski Value (also known as Swarovski ERV in the publication) to 2013 standards

Research for 2013 Swarovski ERV was performed in January 2013, so the determined Swarovski Value for the retired Swarovski figurines for the 2013 edition is based on recent data.

Swarovski collectors who have never purchased the book can find contact information for the authors at the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book website (on the About Us tab) to determine which book is best for the collector or if the collectors should purchase the complete book set.  For Swarovski crystal fanatics that know exactly what they need, the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal, can be placed at Warner’s website or

Feb 062013

Last year we heard rumors of reorganization of the product lines that they classify crystal figures into.  Examples of such product lines include Silver Crystal, Crystal Moments, Lovlots, Soulmates, and so forth.  But now, in 2013, some of those very well known names are a part of history as new product line names have officially rolled out.

There are 4 main product lines: Swarovski Symbols, Swarovski Characters, Swarovski Nature, and Swarovski Art and Statement.  There are further groupings within each of the crystal product lines.

What has to be the biggest surprise is the disappearance of the Silver Crystal name that Swarovski has become so famous for, and even trademarked.  Silver Crystal is now Crystal Nature.  Crystal Paradise has been replaced with Mother Nature.  And Soulmates has been replaced with Contemporary Nature.  These 3 groups: Swarovski Crystal Nature, Swarovski Mother Nature, and Swarovski Contemporary Nature, comprise the product line Swarovski Nature.

Swarovski Characters is a product line that is easier to decipher and understand.  Swarovski Characters consists of: Swarovski Disney figurines, Swarovski Hello Kitty figurines, and all the Swarovski Lovlots figurines.  The Lovlots group consists of: Limited Edition Mos, Emotis, Kris Bears, Bo Bears, Happy Ducks, and the families of Lovlots Pioneers, Lovlots Gang of dogs, Lovlots House of Cats, Lovlots City Park, Lovlots Circus, Lovlots Sealife, Lovlots Birds on Broadway, and new in 2013, the Lovlots Dinosaurs and Lovlots Erika and Elliot.

Swarovski Symbols seems to be more of a catch-all group for the balance of the more affordable crystal offerings.  The symbols group features 3 groups that seem fairly self explanatory:  Universal Symbols (formerly known as crystal moments), Seasonal Symbols (where it seems Swarovski is going to separate offerings that go with spring/Easter, and Christmas), and lastly Asian Symbols (for ornaments and zodiac figurines).

Swarovski Art & Statement to me, simply means things I cannot afford!  The only group in this product line is crystal myriad.  Swarovski is also using this group for other numbered limited editions.

Swarovski discusses this more in the SCS member magazine that has been recently arriving in mailboxes.  The article is on pages 30-31 in ‘ask Ann-Sophie’.

Part of me is wondering if Swarovski is dropping the term ‘Silver Crystal’ due to the change of Swarovski’s new formula….no lead, no silver?  Or perhaps that was just a coincidence?

So, prepare yourself for changes within publications, web sites, or software to see how they may deal with the changes in the Swarovski product lines!