Dec 102011

Yesterday, Swarovski launched their final  weekend special  for 2011…a limited edition pendant / earring set.  Swarovski’s advertises the Etoile Set being limited to  500 sets , which are available through Sunday evening or until they are sold out.

Swarovski Etoile Pendant and Earrings

Swarovski Limited Edition Etoile Neckalce and Earrings

This limited edition is the Swarovski Etoile Set.  The set features an asymmetric star on a rhodium-plated chain complete with a pair of matching pierced star earrings.  This Swarovski limited edition set costs right at $150 and should include free shipping.

Curious to know how this limited edition got its name, I googled “etoile” for a definition.  Not too surprising, the Miriam Webster Dictionary indicated that it is a foreign term meaning ‘in the shape of a star’ or the ‘principal dancer in a ballet company’.

Swarovski also offers the Swarovski Flicker Charm and the stars on the charm to be very similar to the Etoile star.

With only about 24 hours remaining, be sure and get your limited edition Swarovski Etoile Set ordered soon if this looks like the perfect gift for the Swarovski crystal collectors in your friends and family circle.

Hoping that everyone is having an enjoyable pre-Christmas shopping season!

Dec 062011

Today, I received an email reminder that my Swarovski Discount Voucher is good for another 10 days yet.  Great news for any crystal fanatics who have been procrastinating about shopping and still want to get that someone special a Swarovski crystal figurine.

This voucher is for 10% off (probably a single Swarovski item), with a minimum purchase of $160.  Unfortunately, the voucher cannot be used for Swarovski SCS products, binoculars, or the Crystal Myriad sculptures.  The Swarovski discount voucher is valid for USA residents, and some other countries.  Check your email to see if your country allows the use of the Swarovski coupon.

Swarovski crystal fanatics should scan their inbox for the voucher discount before heading off to do shopping in the online Swarovski shoppe!

Dec 022011

Today, Swarovski has posted the second weekend special, promoted as a limited edition pendant.  According to the announcement several weeks ago, there should be 500 pendants available through Sunday evening or until they are sold out.

Swarovski Nadine Pendant

Swarovski Nadine Pendant, Limited Edition in 2011


This limited edition is the Swarovski Nadine Pendant.    It is a blue tear-drop shaped stone on a silver-colored chain.  The Swarovski identification number for the Limited Edition Nadine Pendant is 688961.  The Swarovski Nadine Necklace is priced at $100 for the limited edition jewelry feature for the weekend.  This weekend special does not have any complimentary earrings, or bracelet like the special for last weekend.


Hoping that all Swarovski crystal collectors are having a wonderful holiday season!

Nov 302011

I recently noted a number Swarovski stores running  a promotion for Swarovski Photo Ornament Clips.  While it appears they may be Swarovski boutiques, the promotion may be available at authorized Swarovski Crystal retailers too (?).

Swarovski Crystallized Photo Ornament ClipsThe promotion began November 28 and goes until December 4, 2011 or while supplies last.  The promotion is for a set of crystallized photo clips.  The Swarovski Photo Clips are a free gift with a qualifying purchase of $150 or more.

In the Swarovski Crystalllized Photo Ornament Clip set, there are three clips.  The first clip is silver / gray  and reads “A Moment to Love” with a crystallized swirl below the saying.  The second clip is red  and reads “A Moment to Cherish” with a crystallized swirl below the saying.   The third clip is red  and reads “A Moment to Remember” with a crystallized swirl below the saying.    The three crystallized photo clip ornaments are packaged together in a single box, captioned with “Moments to Give”.

Below is a brief list of possible Swarovski locations that may have the crystallized photo clips:

The photo clips sound interesting….it appears that these Swarovoski Ornaments can be hung in a window by a hook or on a Christmas tree.  They would certainly make cute personal gifts from kids to grandparents using school pictures or “a special moment with grandparents and grandkids”.

Happy Holidays from the Kristall Buzz!

Nov 302011

I found that there are many Swarovski stores having a promotion on Swarovski crystallized wine sleeves.  I am not sure if this includes authorized retailers or if it is strictly boutiques.

Swarovski Wine Sleeves with Crystallized Stars available Dec 5 - 11

Swarovski Crystallized Wine Sleeves

What I have learned is that the promotion runs December 5 through December 11, 2011.  The set of 3 crystallized wine sleeves will cost $15.  The Swarovski wine sleeves are an OPTION to purchase when a customer makes a qualifying purchase of $150 or more.

In the Swarovski Crystalllized Wine Sleeve set, there are three sleeves.  Two of the sleeves are red, and the third sleeve is gray (or perhaps white?).  All three sleeves are decorated with a crystallized star on the front and close with a deluxe rope.

Quickly, here are a few Swarovski locations running this promotion:

The Swarovski Crystal Wine Sleeves would make a terrific accessory with someone’s  favorite bottle of wine as a gift this Christmas.

If you are looking to make the occasion even MORE sparkly, you can add a set of Swarovski Crystalline Red Wine Glasses or Swarovski Crystalline White Wine Glasses .

Swarovski has also produced some other cocktail glasses:

Cheers to a safe, happy, and sparkly upcoming holiday season!

Nov 282011

Swarovski is introducing some new techniques they call innovative “Crystal Pixel” technology.  So you may be wondering where to find this new methodology for creating fabulous collectibles?  Actually, the Crystal Pixel technology can be found on the newest Swarovski Ornaments!

The newest ornaments that our favorite crystal brand has released are Swarovski Ornaments that are sold as a set of 3 (3 silver stars or 3 gold snowflakes).  Heinz Tabertshofer is the Swarovski Designer credited with these 2 new ornament creations.  The claim to fame on the Crystal Pixel technology is that with the unique placement of the tiny chatons on both sides of the metal , light can now pass through allowing spectacular lighting effects.

Swarovski Snowflake using Crystal Pixel Technology

Swarovski Crystal Pixel Snowflakes

Swarovski Pixel Snowflake Ornament Set  – Swarovski system # 1135179 and Swarovski part number 9400 000 366. The ornament set of snowflakes is silver in color and features crystal moonlight chatons.  The Swarovski Snowflake Ornament hangs from a white satin ribbon.

Swarovski Star using Crystal Pixel Technology

Swarovski Crystal Pixel Stars

Swarovski Pixel Star Ornament Set – Swarovski system #1135182 and Swarovski part number 9400 000 367. The ornament set of stars is gold in color and features crystal moonlight chatons.  The Swarovski Star Ornament hangs from a gold satin ribbon.

Naturally, the Swarovski Pixel Snowflake Ornament Set and Swarovski Pixel Star Ornament Set are both at the Swarovski shoppe online.  Each set of 3 ornaments retails for $75.

These new ornaments sound quite interesting.  As they are not solid crystal, like the annual edition ornaments, I’d be far more likely to try hanging these on my Christmas tree!  I wonder where Swarovski will implement their new “Crystal Pixel” technology next?  (Hearts for Valentines Day?)

Nov 262011

Yesterday, Swarovski posted their first weekend (of 3 weekends) special, which is promoted as a limited edition jewelry set.  Per Swarovski’s announcement, there are 500 sets available through Sunday evening or until they are sold out.

Swarovski Limited Edition Eros Red Heart Pendant and Earrings

Swarovski Limited Edition Eros Set

This limited edition is the Swarovski Eros Set.  This jewelry set is a red pave heart on a silver-colored chain complimented with a pair of matching pierced earrings, identified as Swarovski # 1028256.  The price is $160 for this Swarovski limited edition set.

Swarovski has been issuing email vouchers.  I don’t know if this limited edition jewelry is excluded from the discounts that can be obtained using the vouchers, or if it is exempt from them.

If you like the pendant, but don’t have pierced ears, you may be happy to know that the Swarovski Eros Pendant can be purchased separately.  The crystal giant also offers the Swarovski Eros Charm which can be attached to a bracelet or chain.

Hoping that all Swarovski crystal collectors had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 162011

Yesterday, I received my Swarovski news email, which was mostly about jewelry products that might make good Christmas gifts.  Also, in the email, was an announcement that they are doing the ‘limited edition’ weekend specials like they did in 2010. Additional information about the 2010 event can be found in the Kristall Buzz article: Exclusive Limited Edition Swarovski Jewelry at Swarovski’s Online Event.

Swarovski Limited Edition Jewelry 2011

Swarovski Limited Edition Jewelry 2011

In 2011, starting on Friday November 25, the crystal brand will offer a Swarovski limited edition jewelry item (they say limited to 500 units) that will be available through the weekend or until sold out.  The crystal brand has 3 different jewelry designs that are each offered weekend only.  The second weekend event will begin December 2 and the final weekend event will begin December 9.

From the Swarovski crystal image, it appears that one item is a dark blue pendant.  Another item may be a red pave heart necklace with earrings.  And a final item may be a clear pave star with earrings.  There is no mention of price or in what order the jewelry items may be presented.

This is an online event, and the limited edition offerings cannot be purchased anywhere other than the Swarovski online shoppe.

If you are signed up for the Swarovski email newsletter, you should be notified when the specials begin each weekend.

Crystal Exchange America will run some specials leading into the holidays, so be sure and watch the Kristall Buzz for announcements or follow Crystal Exchange on Twitter for extra Swarovski News!

Nov 112011

Our favorite brand Swarovski is seems committed to getting our attention on our iPhones (including iPod and iPad) and Android Phones.  This is the 2nd App in 2 months that Swarovski has launched to keep us playing their crystal games.

Swarovski Christmas App

Swarovski Christmas App

Swarovski iPhone App

Swarovski iPhone App - Drag the Gifts to the Recipient



The newest app is the Swarovski Christmas Around the World App.  Since it was free in the App store, I decided to ask my daughter to take it for a test-drive.  She says the instructions were simple, and the concept is easy to catch on to.  Of course, the longer you play, and the higher the score, the more difficult the tasks.






The Swarovski Christmas App  for smartphones has a total of 6 color-coded characters, but at the easy levels begins with 2 people to receive gifts.  The idea is to give the Swarovski crystal gift to the correct recipient (because recipients and bubbles are color-coded) before the gifts disappear.  But there are NON-Swarovski gifts that should NOT be given to the characters, so you have to pay close attention to the gift in the bubbles. As various levels are completed the number of recipients increases and the speeds that the bubbles appear / disappear change, making the levels more difficult.  Adding even more complexity, later in the game, some of the bubbles are gray, meaning you have to figure out the correct recipient for the gift during the play.

Swarovski App : Berlin and London

Swarovski App : Berlin and London

The Swarovski Christmas App features Christmas trees in a number of cities:  Innsbruck, London, Berlin, Zurich, and Madrid.  It appears that points must be used to purchase flights to other cities, but my daughter did not expand on how that worked.  She stated that high scores can be included for world-wide display, and that this does enter you into drawings for Swarovski prizes.  Whew hew!  More Swarovski crystal!

In the game, it is possible to view more information about the Swarovski crystal gifts in the bubbles, and add them to a personal wish list, which can then be emailed to your friends and family.  We tried this…but the links to the Swarovski crystal  wishlist products in the recipient’s email did not seem to work on our attempts, so  I’m not sure that this feature would be all that useful.

Summary, the game is fun!  Great job to Swarovski and the app developers!  Also, check out the Swarovski Refract App that launched near October 9, 2011.  Can’t wait to see future FREE Swarovski Apps!

Nov 082011

The Crystal Myriad line produced by Swarovski is a very elite group of sculptures.  The Crystal Myriad Dragon Longwang is no exception.

Swarovski Longwang, Crystal Myriad Dragon

Swarovski Longwang, Crystal Myriad Dragon

The Swarovski Longwang is now shown on the crystal brand’s web site, as the actual launch must be very soon.  The company displayed the Swarovski Longwang at the SCS event in California just last week, and in a Swarovski event summary posted to the Kristall Buzz a few days ago, there were actual photos of the sculpture!

Swarovski’s description of the Crystal Myriad Longwang states that “Longwang” means “King of the Dragons”.  This crystal myriad is certainly king!  Longwang is a Swarovski NLE Dragon of 888 units (The number 8 is considered very lucky, so it is likely that this had something to do with the max production.)  Longwang contains over 66,0000 hand-set crystals using the Pointiage technique.  The polished crystal base of Longwang dragon represents the sea, the dragon’s natural habitat.

The Swarovski system # for Longwang is 1096974.  The Swarovski designer is Heinz Tabertshofer.  This dragon masterpiece is about 11.5” wide and 14” tall.  Swarovski indicates that the production time for the Crystal Myriad Longwang is nearly 500 hours!

On the crystal giant’s web site,  the Swarovski Longwang can be found in a video that shows the Crystal Myriad revolving, zooming in on the meticulous craftsmanship of the figurine.

Our local retailer stated that pre-payment is required and that the delivery date may be 8 to 12 months away.  They originally indicated a price of $26,000, but the Swarovski site shows it at $20,000, so this might be pleasant news for Swarovski crystal fanatics who are considering to purchase it.  For me, not a chance….anything over $17,000 must be drivable or inhabitable!

Nov 052011

November 5 marked the debut of Harrod’s Swarovski Crystal Christmas!  Can you believe it….50 days til Christmas?

Inspired by Swarovski, the large department store has a seven-window display featuring a glitzy woodland landscape with dazzling trees drenched with Swarovski gems.

Harrods Swarovski Wedding Gown

Harrods Swarovski Wedding Gown

When Harrods and Swarovski joined forces, nothing but the finest should be expected.  The fascinating forest scene features mannequins hanging from trees along with wintry branches and garland.

‘We are really excited to be part of ‘A Crystal Christmas’, Tamara Ralph said. ‘When I was asked to create my ultimate Swarovski gown, I was instantly inspired by the 1920’s era. I wanted to create a show-stopping and intricate piece that oozed glamour.’  The wedding dress contains approximately 152,000 Swarovski crystal stones.   The gown workforce consisted of more than 25 couturiers working hundreds of hours to completion.

Swarovski will have a pop-up store in four of the seven windows, selling jewelry, including that from the Atelier Swarovski collection.

Check out the display windows….

Harrods Swarovski Window Display

Swarovski Harrods Christmas Window Scene

Swarovski Harrods Christmas Window Scene

I personally thought that the display seemed a bit dark, missing the true meaning of Christmas.  After writing this article, I revisited the web site where I found the news and found LOTS of comments from readers who seemed quite turned off by the display.   Some adjectives and phrases posted by readers include “scary”, “bizarre”, “depressing”,  “inducing nightmares”,  and “creepy”.

Sometimes pictures don’t do justice to the actual live display….I’d be interested to see it personally, but really cannot seeing as it is on a different continent than I live.

In any case, I hope that it is the success that Swarovski and Harrods are hoping for.

Nov 022011

Today, we received the official Swarovski news that the Swarovski Orange Shine Panther is now SOLD OUT!  The Orange Shine Panther publicly launched August 29, 2011.  This Swarovski Panther was a limited edition figurine (Swarovski NLE) of 888 units.  The orange wild cat, in a typical cat pose, retailed for $1110.

Swarovski Soulmates Orange Shine Panther

Swarovski Orange Shine Limited Edition Panther

Despite it being ‘another limited edition’ panther, I expected a quick sell out, like the Swarovski  Black Panther.  The Swarovski Limited Edition Black Panther (Swarovski NLE) was limited to 500 units and retailed for $960 when it was briefly available at the online Swarovski shoppe in April, 2010.

The Orange Shine Panther and Black Panther are among Swarovski crystal feline friends….Swarovski also produced a clear Panther figurine, that retired in 2011 and a moroda Panther figurine which is presently available in the Swarovski shoppe.  The Kristall Buzz has featured a number of articles about Swarovski Panthers:

I’m wondering what the crystal brand is thinking….

  • Is another colored, limited edition Swarovski panther figurine in the works?
  • Does the extended time available indicate that Swarovski collectors did not like the orange-shine color?
  • Does the extended time available imply that Swarovski collectors might not be interested to purchase another limited edition panther in a different color?

Now, if feline fanatics want to purchase the Swarovski Orange Panther, they will have to turn to the secondary market or online auctions.  At Crystal Exchange America, the Black Panther and Orange Shine Panther, as well as other Swarovski NLE figurines, can be found in the ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category of the store.  Or collectors can use the powerful store search feature, keyword ‘panther’ to restrict the search results to Swarovski panthers.

Oct 272011

October 27 marks a special online event at the Swarovski website!  The Swarovski Arctic Hare is available to purchase directly from the crystal brand’s online shoppe for a limited 24-hour window (or while stocks last).

The Swarovski Arctic Hare is a ‘crystal moonlight’ rabbit figurine.  It is a Swarovski crystal figurine normally available for purchase at Swarovski events by SCS members who attend a store reception.  The crystal bunny is about 1.5” x 2” in size and retails for $110.  This Swarovski crystal figurine was designed by Anton Hirzinger.

The Arctic Hare is also symbolic in that it marks the Year of the Rabbit: 2011 in the Chinese calendar.

In 2011, the crystal brand released two other Swarovski Hare figurines:

If you are a hare fanatic, you may be interested to purchase all 3 of the crystal hare figurines.  Remember, the Swarovski Arctic Hare can only be purchased by SCS members for the online event.  But once they hit the online auctions or secondary market, anyone can purchase them.  To find other similar figurines on the secondary market, you can visit the web site of Crystal Exchange America (  Use the powerful store search feature with the term ‘bunny’, ‘rabbit’, or ‘hare’ to find exactly what you are looking for!

Oct 142011

The La Lupa Sculpture is a Swarovski NLE (numbered limited edition) available at a Swarovski gala event in Italy in mid-October, 2011.

Swarovski Crystal Sculpture La Lupa

Swarovski La Lupa

Swarovski La Lupa is actually produced in 2 different sizes.

Limited Swarovski La Lupa: available at the event only:

System #: 1145683
Edition Size: 50 units
Dimensions: Width 155 x Height 149,50 x Depth 87,20

Smaller, but still limited, Swarovski  La Lupa: available at select Swarovski retailers in Rome, shortly after the event:

System #: 1145684
Edition Size: 3000 units
Dimensions: Width 91,50 x Height 88,90 x Depth 51,90

The Swarovski La Lupa Sculptures will cost €600,00 or €2550,00 depending upon the product being purchased.

These are very interesting Swarovski crystal sculptures.  I’ll be anxious to see if we find them at the online auctions soon, or better yet, perhaps we’ll get one listed at the Crystal Exchange America web site: .

Oct 142011

Swarovski is hosting a very special event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy as a united nation at Museo Capitolini!

The SCS Gala dinner is October 15, and registration is required.  Swarovski designers Anton Hirzinger and Adi Stocker will be in attendance as well as local celebrities.  Attendees of this magnificent gala event will be offered a private tour and viewing Capitolini Museum, which is the oldest museum in the world.

The crystal brand has produced a special Swarovski NLE crystal sculpture for preview and purchase during this gala event.  The figurine is “La Lupa”, which is a crystal portrayal of the famous Capitoline Wolf created solely for Italy during this year of celebration.  The Swarovski La Lupa sculptures should be available for purchase during the weekend.

The Swarovski signing event is October 16.  Designers Anton Hirzinger and Adi Stocker will be signing their own Swarovski crystal creation for SCS members in attendance.

Crystal fanatics in Italy can contact Swarovski for additional information :