Swarovski Catalogs


Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books are a series of Swarovski Catalogs written by Swarovski Crystal collectors for Swarovski Crystal collectors.

These catalogs are intended for Swarovski collectors to accurately inventory Swarovski Crystal collections and provide recommendations for insurance values.

This popular Swarovski book set contain pictures, Swarovski ERV, and additional data for current, retired, and limited edition Swarovski crystal figurines that were available world-wide.  The book set contains information on 3300+ Swarovski crystal figurines!

The books are the most complete, annually published Swarovski catalog anywhere in the world! The authors are Swarovski experts, dependable researchers, and reliable publishers successfully releasing new books each year.

For those crystal fanatics who prefer their information to be available online from anywhere, Warner’s has an online subscription service to their Swarovski Database that collectors can subscribe to.

This database catalog also has a subscription option that allows collectors to keep their crystal collection inventory safely stored on the server. Collectors may catalog their collection and determine the value that they wish to have figurines insured for based on suggested ERVs.  Simply input the collection details, export the data for use in an Excel spreadsheet, and print the report for your personal reference or send to your insurance agent!

 Swarovski Crystal Article by Angie
August 18, 2011