Jul 182011

According to Fox Sports Ohio, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, was considering NOT to purchase championship rings for his basketball team.  But Bazooka felt that the Dallas Mavericks should have a reward for their NBA championship.  That being said, the Bazooka candy brand has once again added some Swarovski crystal bling to their ring pops to make them ‘special’ and commemorate an exciting event in 2011.

Dallas Mavericks Swarovski Ring Pop

The Mavericks Swarovski ring pop features the team colors of blue and white.  The base of the blue ring pop is decorated with blue and clear Swarovski crystal stones.  Some sources say it is edible, but same say that it is not edible.

Bazooka also created a limited edition Swarovski ring pop to resemble Kate’s engagement ring. The Mavericks crystallized ring pop looks amazingly similar to the ring pop to celebrate the wedding of Prince William to Kate in April, 2011.  Pictures of the Royal Limited Edition Swarovski Ring Pop can be found in the Kristall Buzz April 2011 Archives.

I wonder what event will next be honored with a special Bazooka Swarovski Ring Pop!

Apr 262011

Bazooka candy brand is now in on the ‘royal wedding’ action!  Bazooka has added some Swarovski crystal bling to a (non-edible) sapphire ring pop, that’s design is supposed to resemble Kate Middleton’s engagement ring.  The limited edition ring consists of a large royal blue component and is surrounded by small Swarovski crystals and has a small crystal stone on the top of the sapphire-like element.

This is a limited edition Swarovski crystal decorated ring pop.  One site stated that there were only 50 of the blinged ring pops produced.  I did not find any web sites or online stores actually selling the Bazooka non-candy ring, but found several instances of them being given away.

There is some exciting news for Swarovski crystal fanatics and ring pop fanatics, there is a contest on Facebook to WIN this fancy faux sapphire ring pop.  The Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/ringpop .  Deadline for entries into the contest is April 29, 2011 at noon EDT.

Good luck if you decide to enter the contest to win the Swarovski crystal and faux sapphire (non-edible) Limited Edition Royal Ring Pop by Bazooka!