Jan 262015

The crystal giant has produced a very small quantity of items specifically with a smoker in mind: the Swarovski Ashtray, the Swarovski  Cigarette Lighter, and last but not least the Swarovski Cigarette Holder.

While there were 5 crystal ashtrays, and 3 crystal cigarette lighters, there were basically 2 crystal cigarette holders:  a solid crystal one, and one with various metal accents.

The most common Swarovski Cigarette Holder is 100% crystal with no metal accents.  Known by the Swarovski part number 7463 062 000, this piece was designed by Max Schreck, and produced 1981 to 1990.  With a height of about 2.25″, it was designed to hold unused cigarettes.

The other, far more unique and hard to find Swarovski Cigarette Holder was produced 1977 to 1983 with a variety of metal accents:  Swarovski Polished Rhodium Cigarette Holder (shiney silver), Swarovski Brushed Rhodium Cigarette Holder (brushed silver), and Swarovski Polished Gold Cigarette Holder (shiney gold).  This item stands about 5 1/2″ tall and is documented by the Swarovski part number 7503 050 000 regardless of the metal trim.

A Swarovski Polished Rhodium Cigarette Holder was recently available on ebay.  Last week, it failed to get an opening bid of $79.   A few days later, it was relisted at a fixed price of $115, and sold in < 12 hours.

Swarovski Cigarette Holder figurines can be found at Crystal Exchange America in the “Useful Swarovski” , “More Functional” sub-category.  Using and cleaning cigarette holders, they are more likely to become damaged than if they were only displayed in cabinets. If  you plan to actually “use” them, I would not recommend paying top dollar to ensure it is in MINT condition or that it includes original box and coa certificate/paperwork.

Jan 222015

Swarovski collectors can appreciate when the crystal giant makes products that are not only beautiful, but also useful (if you are a serious collector, you probably wont “use” something that is functional). Cigarette Smokers may be interested in the Swarovski Cigarette Lighter, as well as the Swarovski Crystal Ashtray products that have been available through the years.

The oldest Swarovski Ashtray figurines were like small bowls with a rim of polished silver or polished gold which included an extension to hold a cigarette.  These units are known as the Rhodium Polished Ashtray and Gold Polished Ashtray.  These Swarovski Ashtrays used the part number 7501 061 000 and system number 011 157.  These figurines were the smallest of the ashtrays made, measuring about 2″ in diameter. The ashtrays feature the old Swarovski logo since they were produced 1977 to 1983.

The more commonly seen Swarovski Ashtray is solid crystal and is nearly 4″ in diameter.  The identification numbers for this smoker’s accessory are 7461 100 000 and 010 061. Max Schreck was the Swarovski designer of this ashtray, which was available from 1981 to 1990.

In the late 1980’s and into the mid 1990’s, Swarovski produced some limited edition Swarovski Ashtrays, identifiable by their unique names: Posacenere and Cendrier.

The Swarovski Posacenere Ashtray (Posacenere is the Italian word for ashtray).  Being a part of the Daniel Swarovski line, this ashtray features Ettore Sottass signature along with an identifying serial number.  While the Swarovski Posacenere was limited to 500 units, it was available 1989 to 2001….quite a long time to sell 500 units.  Perhaps this was due to the sticker price of $1720????

Lastly is the Swarovski Cendrier Ashtray (Cendrier is the French word for ashtray).  The Swarovski Cendrier was limited to 2182 pieces and sold 1992 to 1995.  It was designed by Martin Szekely and sold for $190 during its 4 year production run.

Swarovski Ashtrays can be found at Crystal Exchange America in the “Useful Swarovski” category, “Ashtrays and Treasure Boxes” subcategory as well as the online auctions.  If  you plan to actually “use” a Swarovski Crystal Ashtray, I would not suggest paying extra money to ensure it is in MINT condition or that it includes original box/paperwork.  Using and cleaning ashtrays, they are far more likely to get damaged than if they were display only units.

Jan 172015

Swarovski produced a number of functional issues for their smoking collectors.  (Aren’t we all totally smoking Swarovski collectors????)

In the crystal brand’s earliest  years, they made a Swarovski Polished Rhodium Cigarette Lighter, a Swarovski Brushed Rhodium Cigarette Lighter, and a Swarovski Polished Gold Cigarette Lighter, all documented in  Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski.  These most original releases were more metal than crystal.

These Swarovski Cigarette Lighters were all recognized by a common part number 7500 00 000, despite their obvious visual differences of silver vs gold and polished vs brushed finishes.  Cigarette Lighters  of this part number were introduced in 1977 and retired in 1983.  All had a price tag of $160 US.

In 1981, Swarovski began production of another lighter, which was later retired in 1990.  This Swarovski Cigarette Lighter was more crystal than metal.  It’s part number was 746 062 000.  Over its production run of 9 years,  the crystal component varied slightly with some having a more rounded top and some having a more beveled top.

Some of these Swarovski Cigarette Lighters can be found at the online auctions and both will be ending this week.

If any of these lighters are something of interest, be sure to check out the auctions on ebay before it’s too late!

Apr 242013

Swarovski crystal fanatics may be interested in bidding on a Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener on ebay with a tempting starting bid!  The Beetle Bottle Opener presently at auction can be found on ebay – Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener .

Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener (Silver-colored shown)

Swarovski Rhodium Beetle Bottle Opener

The Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener extends about 4.25” in length.  The luxury crystal brand produced the Beetle Bottle Opener in its very early years: 1978 through 1983.  This item was available with 2 different metal finishes, gold and rhodium (silver colored).  Additionally, there are 2 different variations of the figurine, making a total of four different products.

Swarovski identifies the Swarovski Gold Beetle Bottle Opener with the product number 7505 076 001 and system number 011 840.  Similary, Swarovski identifies the Swarovski Rhodium Beetle Bottle Opener with the product number 7505 076 002 and the same system number 011 840.  So, if looking at the system numbers alone, it is not possible to identify if a particular Beetle Bottle Opener has a gold or rhodium finish.

During the 5 years that Swarovski sold the figurine through standard retail channels, the Beetle Bottle Opener (regardless of the metal colored trim) retailed for $80.  This figurine can be found only with the Block SC logo since its entire production run ended prior to the introduction of the Swarovski Swan logo.  The Block SC logo is found stamped in the metal part, not on the crystal component.

If you are looking for retired Swarovski Beetle Bottle Opener collectibles, Crystal Exchange America has an array of variations available. The Crystal Exchange America web site is at www.CrystalExchange.com  The Beetle Bottle Openers can be found in the category ‘Other Silver Crystal’, sub-category ‘Functional’.

Feb 062013

Last year we heard rumors of reorganization of the product lines that they classify crystal figures into.  Examples of such product lines include Silver Crystal, Crystal Moments, Lovlots, Soulmates, and so forth.  But now, in 2013, some of those very well known names are a part of history as new product line names have officially rolled out.

There are 4 main product lines: Swarovski Symbols, Swarovski Characters, Swarovski Nature, and Swarovski Art and Statement.  There are further groupings within each of the crystal product lines.

What has to be the biggest surprise is the disappearance of the Silver Crystal name that Swarovski has become so famous for, and even trademarked.  Silver Crystal is now Crystal Nature.  Crystal Paradise has been replaced with Mother Nature.  And Soulmates has been replaced with Contemporary Nature.  These 3 groups: Swarovski Crystal Nature, Swarovski Mother Nature, and Swarovski Contemporary Nature, comprise the product line Swarovski Nature.

Swarovski Characters is a product line that is easier to decipher and understand.  Swarovski Characters consists of: Swarovski Disney figurines, Swarovski Hello Kitty figurines, and all the Swarovski Lovlots figurines.  The Lovlots group consists of: Limited Edition Mos, Emotis, Kris Bears, Bo Bears, Happy Ducks, and the families of Lovlots Pioneers, Lovlots Gang of dogs, Lovlots House of Cats, Lovlots City Park, Lovlots Circus, Lovlots Sealife, Lovlots Birds on Broadway, and new in 2013, the Lovlots Dinosaurs and Lovlots Erika and Elliot.

Swarovski Symbols seems to be more of a catch-all group for the balance of the more affordable crystal offerings.  The symbols group features 3 groups that seem fairly self explanatory:  Universal Symbols (formerly known as crystal moments), Seasonal Symbols (where it seems Swarovski is going to separate offerings that go with spring/Easter, and Christmas), and lastly Asian Symbols (for ornaments and zodiac figurines).

Swarovski Art & Statement to me, simply means things I cannot afford!  The only group in this product line is crystal myriad.  Swarovski is also using this group for other numbered limited editions.

Swarovski discusses this more in the SCS member magazine that has been recently arriving in mailboxes.  The article is on pages 30-31 in ‘ask Ann-Sophie’.

Part of me is wondering if Swarovski is dropping the term ‘Silver Crystal’ due to the change of Swarovski’s new formula….no lead, no silver?  Or perhaps that was just a coincidence?

So, prepare yourself for changes within publications, web sites, or software to see how they may deal with the changes in the Swarovski product lines!

Nov 082012

I recently heard that Swarovski was changing the contents of the Silver Crystal formula to be “lead free”.  So if it might become virtually lead free, does that mean that it contain(ed) lead?   Well, yes, it contained lead, more than 30%!  If you look on some older labels of Swarovski figurines, it can be clearly seen “> 30% Pbo”.

30% Lead Content shown of Swarovski Crystal Product Label

Swarovski Label showing Lead Content

Hearing of a possible formula change, I sought the crystal giant for official answers about a lead free Swarovski crystal, and here is the information received….

We are pleased to confirm that Swarovski has developed a new formula for crystals, which we call “Advanced Crystal”™. These cryse crystals continue to have the radiance, joy and sparkling abundance that Swarovski is famous for throughout the World. They are made using the same high quality standards that we always use.

Whilst the precise details of the change are proprietary, we are pleased to confirm that this is a natural development for Swarovski. It continues our long term commitment to innovation, to the environment and to developing sustainable products.

Advanced crystals can be used and adapted for use in exactly the same way as any of the crystals that we have previously produced.  We believe that this is an exciting development for Swarovski and reinforces our reputation as the market leader for product innovation, product development and for manufacturing the highest quality crystals. This also applies to all figurine products, such as Silver Crystal.

Far-reaching developments are afoot at Swarovski, with the announcement of a dramatic change to the DNA of its crystal. By September 2012, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS will have its entire assortment switched to the new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard a patented, lead-free** formula that is much more than merely compliant with the strictest laws on the planet. Hassle-free, rigorously tested and completely reliable, it is quite simply the most advanced crystal composition on the market today, providing perfect peace of mind.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.

Please note that for our figurines you will still find both variations in the markets and that our new innovative crystal recipe results in a lighter weight, there is however no optical or visual difference

Please note, that the brilliance, the light dispersion etc. are not solely defined through the crystal composition but also determined by precision cutting, polishing and purity of raw materials all areas in which Swarovski takes a leading position in the industry.

I found out that the recipe change applies to both clear and colored components used in assembling figurines.

Since the modification took place this year (2012), that means that old-stock figurines may be purchased with the original leaded content, and that new nearly lead-free identical figurines can be purchased.  The only difference is that the “Advanced Crystal” figurines may weigh slightly less. The famous Frauenhofer institute in Germany tested and confirmed that old recipe figurines and “Advanced Crystal” figurines have the same visual and optical resemblance.

It would be interesting to set two identical Swarovski crystal figurines, one with leaded content and one with nearly lead free content, side by side to see if any of us thought we could tell any differences!

Aug 182012

When collectors and crystal fanatics are considering the purchase of a crystal figurine, they most certainly want to see a Swarovski logo on that figurine to feel confident the item IS Swarovski.  Collectors naturally expect to see the Block SC logo or Swan logo on the Silver Crystal figurines.

Quite often, the Swan logo is underneath the figurine and is not visible unless the figurine is turned upside down.  But sometimes, the logo is strategically placed elsewhere on the figurine.  The Grand Piano with Stool is an excellent example of the Swan logo being placed above the ivories.

And it is not unusual for the Swan logo to be difficult to see.  When the base of the figurine is frosted, like the birds in the “Up in a Tree” series, the Swarovski Swan can be very hard to find since there is such little contrast between the logo and background.

Sometimes the Swarovski Swan is very crisp and defined, and other times, it is a bit fuzzy, with the swan appearing a bit ‘thicker’.  Just a handful of times, we have seen figurines with the Swarovski swan facing right, instead of left.

However, just recently, we had a client ask a question about a ‘dot’ near the swan.  I knew the figurine had been inspected 2 times before it shipped, so I was confident that the ‘dot’ that I did not specifically recall seeing, was not a chip.  Nontheless, I did not have a definite answer.  I did offer the possibility that something ‘occurred’ when the Swarovski Swan was applied to the figurine, but did not have an accurate answer to the client’s question…..that is until I checked with some other Swarovski experts.

Mark Near Swarovski Swan Logo

Dot Near Swarovski Swan Logo

So, what did the Swarovski experts have to say?  Here is what I have learned about the dot near the Swarovski Swan logo.  The dot indicates that the product was finished or glued in the central warehouse in Leichtenstein.  The absence of a dot means that the product was finished in Wattens, Austria. Additionally, it is suggested that the location of the dot on the product is unimportant.

So the next time you clean your crystal figurines, or purchase a new one, have a look at the Swan logo and see if you have Swarovski crystal figurines finished in Leichtenstein or Wattens!

Jul 272012

It was 13-14 months ago when we posted Swarovski Hello Kitty News that a Hello Kitty product line was launching from the crystal brand’s web site.

In its first launch, there were about 3 crystal figurines, a 2011 Swarovski Hello Kitty Limited Edition, and lots of jewelry and accessories.

Here we are, one year later, and the crystal giant has added more Swarovski crystal figurines, limited editions, and accessories to the Swarovski Hello Kitty product line.  The 2012 Swarovski Hello Kitty releases mostly have a ‘rock inspired design.  As you look at each of the new introductions, you will see that Hello Kitty is connecting with her wilder side and she is less about cute and innocent.

Swarovski Hello Kitty 2012 Figurines: Limited Editions and Crystal Figurines

Swarovski Hello Kitty: LE 88, LE 2012, Hello Kitty Gold Bow, & Hello Kitty Santa

  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Limited Edition 2012 – This Hello Kitty figurine is limited to just 88 units world-wide, with a retail price tag of $8000.  It very much resembles the Hello Kitty Gold Bow, but this one is using the glittering crystal Pointiage® technique.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Hearts, Limited Edition 2012 – This Hello Kitty figurine is clear and she is wearing a pretty pink dress and lovely rose-colored Pointiage® bow consisting of 600 crystals.  The Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall and has a retail price tag of $600.  It appears that this figurine should be available for most of 2012.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Gold Bow – This Hello Kitty figurine is crystal satin (gray) instead of clear and she sports a black jacket and yellow bow (instead of red or pink).   While the Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall, I have a hard time thinking this is true with a retail price of $140.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Santa – This Hello Kitty figurine is clear naturally wearing a Santa-red jacket, a Santa hat, and a Santa-red bow.   The candy cane she is holding appears to be Santa red (siam) and crystal moonlight (one of the colors that the 2011 AE polar bear cubs wars available in). While the Swarovski shoppe indicates that she is over 8” tall, I have a hard time thinking this is true with a retail price of $140.  While I did not find an official launch date for this figurine, I’m assuming that it is October since that is when most of the holiday figurines will be available from Swarovski.

(See Swarovski Hello Kitty Size Upate post from August 4 for correct figurine dimensions.)

Other Swarovski Hello Kitty Accessories include:

  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Charms – The 2 new charms are the Hello Kitty Rock Charm and Hello Kitty Guitar Charm.  The Hello Kitty Candy Charm is on sale at 50% off if you are looking for a deal!
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Fashion Accessories  – Of the 12 items in this category, there are 3 new items and 5 items that are 50% off.
  • Swarovski Hello Kitty Jewelry –  There are a few new items and plenty of sale items. In this category, there are plenty of Hello Kitty Pendants, Hello Kitty Bracelets, Hello Kitty Necklaces, Hello Kitty Pierced Earrings, and Hello Kitty Rings.

So, if you are a Hello Kitty fanatic, check out the new rock-inspired figurines and jewelry at the Swarovski shoppe now!

Jul 202012

Most everyone who reads the Kristall Buzz blog knows that it is maintained by the Swarovski expert dealer Crystal Exchange America with occasional contributions by the well-known Swarovski book author Jane Warner.  One of the most common questions that we hear is…..”I own Swarovski Crystal figurines x, y, and z;  What is the value of my Swarovski collection?”  Well, this is a huge question, and I am going to try to address the issue of Swarovski Value in this article.

First, I want the owner to completely forget about the price paid.  The original purchase price has absolutely no bearing on selling price, nor insurance replacement.  If anything, the price paid could be a sore spot in realistically determining a present day value as the collector / owner will be focusing on ‘profit’ (or loss as the case may be) in their mind and not the real question which is ‘What is the value of my Swarovski figurine?’

The simplest scenario is when the collector needs to know the Swarovski value to obtain adequate insurance.  If this is the case, we recommend purchasing these Swarovski books from www.wbrb.com .  The Swarovski ERV in the book is specifically determined for collectors to use for insurance purposes.  However, collectors need to remember that the replacement cost fluctuates and that the concept of replacement value needs to be revisited annually.  Providing an example….if a figurine is found at a reliable brokerage site at $500, it may have an ERV of $525 or $550.

However, when most people inquire about value, they are asking what they can obtain by selling the Swarovski figurine.  When selling, there are a couple of considerations.

  • Are you urgent to sell (must sell now and must sell fast)?
  • Can you sell at a more leisurely pace (3 to 12 months to conclude a sale is ok)

If you are in an urgent situation, you can typically expect the selling price to be less than if time is on your side.  If you have just a couple of Swarovski figurines, this may not be of significant consequence.  However if you have a substantial Swarovski crystal collection (ie 100 or more figurines, some of which are Swarovski AE or Swarovski NLE), liquidation prices can be quite painful to the pocketbook or personal expectations due to prior hypes on value, oftentimes only about 10% or 20% of the price you could purchase the figurines for at a Swarovski broker, like Crystal Exchange America.

So, our last scenario is what Swarovski value via what can be obtained from a leisurely sale.   To determine this, we first need to know actual current trading prices.  One can view completed transactions on eBay as one source.  When I say completed transactions, that may be a from a “Buy It Now” or “Auction” style listing that was actually successfully concluded.  This does NOT mean unsold figurines.  Another option would be to look at the figurines available with a reputable online dealer, like Crystal Exchange America.  They focus on secondary market sales of retired Swarovski, but do indeed have some current figurines at discounted prices.  If looking at their prices, remember, these are available prices, not sold statistics.  So, to be conservative, you may want to assume that they are selling at 10% less (not because the company is discounting, but because the cheapest ones sell, and the sold ones disappear from the web site when they are no longer available).  Using these two references and doing some mathematical averaging, you can roughly determine true trading prices.

Now that you have a trading price for the Swarovski crystal figurine, you can do some final calculation to see what you can get by selling your Swarovski figurine.  Crystal Exchange America operates on a 20% commission (minimum commission is $25), so on a figurine that sells for $500, the seller gets $400.  Ebay also has a number of fees associated with using their service:

  • Final Value Fees, which i believe are 10% of the selling price
  • Listing fees, must be paid even if items do not sell
  • Fees to use PayPal, which is practically required by eBay, around 3% or 4%.

Using eBay is more of an effort to use for the seller, but is indeed a logical option to get world-wide exposure selling a Swarovski crystal figurine.  In our example of selling a figurine for $500, if the crystal owner would sell the figurine on eBay, the seller would obtain about $425 (using an estimate of 15% for overhead to cover listing fees, FVF, and PayPal fees).

So, one can see that the frequent question “What is the Value of my Swarovski Crystal Figurine (or collection)?” does not have an easy answer.  And the answer that goes with it is definitely a function of how the individual wants to use the term “value”.

May 062012

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby and I thought it would seem most fitting to write about Swarovski Horses!  First, congratulations to “I’ll Have Another” and the entire team for this amazing race horse for successfully taking the win in the “The Run for the Roses”!  I read in one article that the name origin for “I’ll Have Another” stems from the owner’s wife baking chocolate chip cookies, and the owner’s response to the cookies saying “I’ll Have Another“.  (Must be yummy cookies!)

Here is a bit of information horse terminology.  There are 3 types of horses the Stallion, the Mare, and the Foal. A Filly and a Colt are both Foals.

Our favorite crystal brand has produced a number of Swarovski Horse figurines.  Kristall Buzz contains an article about Swarovski Stallion figurines, which includes the Swarovski Amurath, Swarovski Arabian Stallion, Swarovski White Stallion, Swarovski Stallion, and Swarovski Satin Stallion.

The crystal company also produced a Mare figurine, which is now retired.  The Swarovski Mare was designed by Stefanie Nederegger and available from 2006 through 2011.  The crystal mare was about 5.5 inches long and originally retailed for $380.

The crystal giant has also produced 2 different foals figurines: Swarovski Foals and Swarovski Foals Playing.  The clear Swarovski Foals were available 2003 through 2011.  The colorful Swarovski Foals launched in 2011, in effect replacing the clear variety.  Both Foals products were designed by Martin Zendron.

Another retired figurine is Swarovski The Horse.  Mario Dilitz is the credited for this figurine that was available from 2004 through 2006.  Part of the (no longer used theme group) Symbols, this crystal horse was about 5.5 inches tall and originally retailed for $385.

Trying to mention ALL the Swarovski crystal horse figurines, the crystal brand also produced some solid-colored horses in the Circus group.  Below the list includes Swarovski product name, product identification numbers, years available, and original retail price (since many are still available).

The Swarovski Lovlots Horses wered designed by Peter Heidegger. These Lovlots Horses include:

  • Swarovski Jade, Limited Edition (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 294 / 1 073 338.  2011 only.  MSR $80.
  • Swarovski Jasmine (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 302 / 1 079 474. 2011 – 2012.  MSR $250.
  • Swarovski Rosalie (Dancing Horse) – 9100 000 293 / 1 073 336.  2011 – 2012.  MSR $80.

There are also Swarovski Zodiac Horses:

The grand-daddies of Swarovski Horse figurines are the Swarovski Amurath and the Swarovski NLE Wild Horses.  Both the Swarovski Crystal Myriad and Wild Horses are Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions.  While the Amurath was limited to only 300 units world-wide, it did have a retail price tag of $8000 compared to an SCS LE, which was limited to 10,000 units-worldwide and a retail price tag of $4000.

Many of these Swarovski Horse figurines can be found on either the crystal brand’s official web site or at www.CrystalExchange.com, a web site that focuses mostly on retired and limited edition Swarovski crystal.

Apr 242012

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about the pros and cons of Swarovski Discounts and how discount prices relate to the Swarovski Warranty policy.  In a very brief summary, the article basically states that if you buy your crystal figurines online from a discount source (not an authorized retailer with a brick and mortar store), you may very well have sacrificed the post-sale service and ability to use the warranty service if the figurine should have defects or accidentally break.

Several days after the post, I received an email from a Swarovski boutique manager with his perspective about the crystal brand’s warranty policy changes.  With the author’s permission, his email is being posted for collectors to consider the Swarovski discounts and Swarovski warranty from a different angle…..

Swarovski CrystalAs a Swarovski Boutique Store Manager for many years, my perception of recent changes to the repair process, as distributed to Swarovski Boutiques, seems more accommodating to clients.  Prior to the recent guidelines, customers were asked to contact customer service directly if an exchange or refund could not be made in the store.

Consumers were responsible for calling customer service and mailing a package themselves, once the return authorization paperwork was received.  The present guideline for repair allows consumers to bring a qualifying item requiring repair directly to the boutique.

This year I have acted as a liaison between customer service & the consumer, as directed by the stores directions for repairs. Per the guideline, I have sent items from other sources of purchase.

It has been a pleasure to connect with clients offering this service. In the rare event I cannot immediately offer a solution in the store, I have enjoyed offering solutions and sharing the client’s delight when they return to the store and pick up a refurbished item.

For myself, the Swarovski Boutique has evolved into a service center, or point of contact beyond customer service, as Swarovski continues to evolve.  I have perceived all customer service documents as ‘guidelines’. Each customer I interact with has a unique situation I can address in the most appropriate way.  At times I have found it necessary to ‘make a partner’ for exceptions, but I am confident we have achieved a high satisfaction rate.  With any business, the guidelines may change at any time, but I for one, am comfortable with these improvements.

On the subject of gift receipts, the Swarovski boutique manager included this…”Gift receipts are always available point of sale at every Swarovski Boutique and should be requested, if not automatically provided.  The gift receipt enables the gift giver to provide documentation, without providing the price of the gift.

Hopefully, this manager’s information and perspective will help Swarovski collectors and buyers make the best choice for source and price when considering upcoming Swarovski crystal purchases. A special thanks to the Swarovski boutique manager for allowing us to share his email with our Kristall Buzz readers!

Apr 212012

Swarovski recently released the list of crystal figurines that will retire in the first half of 2012.  Over 40 Swarovski figurines are slated to be officially discontinued beginning January through June of this year.  With this Swarovski news, the popular website, RetiredSwarovski.com has now posted the complete list in the Swarovski Retiring Soon section of the web site.  This page of the web site includes links to the crystal figurines in the Swarovski shoppe to make shopping easy for collectors.

Swarovski Black Diamond Woodpecker Retires in 2012

Swarovski Black Diamond Woodpecker Retires in 2012

Some of the retirements are no longer available from the online shoppe.

I was surprised to see many of the Swarovski Lovlots Circus figurines in the list, as they only launched about 1 year ago.

Some of the longest running Swarovski figurines on the list that will no longer be produced includes:

  • Swarovski Squirrel, introduced in 1985
  • Swarovski Beagle, introduced in 1990
  • Swarovski Baby Elephant, introduced in 1995
  • Swarovski Ladybird, introduced in 1995

A couple of the Swarovski figurines retiring have colored versions that are replacing them.  This seems to be a new way to re-introduce figurines.  Kristall Buzz featured an article about this trend on Swarovski Clear Crystal Figurines in February, 2011.

  • Swarovski Mandarin Ducks – Clear: 2006 through 2012; Topaz: introduced in 2010 and still current in 2012.
  • Swarovski Tortoises, Baby (Set of 2) – Clear: 1998 through 2012; Golden Shadow: introduced in 2012.

If any of the 2012 retirements are on your wish list, get them before they become too hard to find, and a premium price must be paid to obtain them!  CrystalExhange.com has a huge list of retired Swarovski figurines, so crystal collectors should check out this site if the desired figurine is no longer available on-line or in stores.

Apr 202012

Some Swarovski collectors are satisfied to purchase older Swarovski books and save some money so that they can afford to buy more Swarovski crystal!

Crystal Exchange America has a 2010 Swarovski Silver Crystal Book Buy-It-Now auction listed now on eBay.  They also have a 2010 Swarovski Beyond Silver Crystal Book Buy-It-Now auction listed now on eBay.  The Swarovski book publications are not pre-owned and have not been used previously.  The Swarovski books are leftover inventory.   Since the information in them is based on 2010 research, the Swarovski ERV Values are 2 years out of date, but would work well to inventory a collection that may consist of only older pieces.  And of course any Swarovski Crystal figurines released in 2010 and later are not included in the book.

The Swarovski books: Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski Silver Crystal and Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book: Beyond Silver Crystal for 2012 can be purchased directly from the authors at wbrb.com .  Individual books start at $75 for black and white editions and $150 for color editions.  As an online only alternative, Swarovski collectors can purchase subscriptions to the Swarovski database by the Warner’s at wbrbonline.com .  Annual subscriptions begin at $40 / year.  Database subscriptions do require internet access, but can be used from any computer, ipad and possibly smart-phone anywhere in the world.

So, any Swarovski enthusiast wanting a fabulous book at an attractive price, may check out these eBay auctions.  There are a small quantity and the auctions are only running for 10 days!

Mar 262012

Swarovski and Mickey Mouse fanatics may be happy to learn about a Swarovski Arribas Jeweled Mickey Mouse on ebay with a pleasant Buy-It-Now price!  (Specific item details are available on the Swarovski Jeweled Mickey Mouse, item #140730983270, in the auction.)

Arribas Jeweled Mickey Mouse, decorated with Swarovski stones

Swarovski Jeweled Mickey Mouse, Originally sold in Arribas Stores

This collectible figure is 2.25″ tall and has over 180 Swarovski paves stones set into the face, arms, chest, buttons and legs of Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse features the Arribas stamp in the foot of the figurine.

The Arribas Mickey Mouse originally retailed for $295 when it launched and sold out from Arribas stores in 1997.  While the figurine itself is not numbered, the accompanying certificate does indicate the production number of the 10,000 limited edition figurines.  Mickey Mouse stands 2.25″ tall and decorated with over 180 Swarovski paves stones set into the face, arms, chest, buttons and legs of Mickey Mouse. It has Arribas stamp in the foot of the figurine for authenticity. For the cost of approximately $50 each,  An optional stand and plaque could be purchased with the figurine.

Following the success of the Swarovski Mickey Mouse (1997), other similarly-decorated, limited edition, figurines were produced as joint venture between Swarovski and the Arribas Brothers: Tinker Bell (1998), Minnie Mouse (1999), Winnie the Pooh (1999), Donald Duck (2001), Dumbo (2002),  and there are others.

Arribas continues to introduce and sell figurines decorated with Swarovski crystal stones, however, they don’t seem to be quite as popular as the inaugural Mickey Mouse.

If you are looking for retired Swarovski Arribas and Disney figurines, Crystal Exchange America has a selection of them. The Crystal Exchange America web site is at www.crystalexchange.com.  They have figurines dating back to the 1997 introductions and limited edition Disney crystal pieces which can be found in the “Disney and Arribas” category of the store.

Feb 092012

Swarovski has officially announced that the Birds on Broadway are becoming part of the Lovlots City community.

Swarovski Lovlots Jenna

2012 Swarovski Lovlots Jenna (Birds on Broadway collection)

The six new Swarovski Birds in the Lovlots Birds on Broadway collection include:

  • Swarovski Audrey  – This Lovlots Birds on Broadway figurine is a clear swan.  Lovlots Audrey  will retail for $180.
  • Swarovski Ginger  – This Lovlots Birds on Broadway figurine is a fuscia-colored crane.  Lovlots Ginger will retail for $100.
  • Swarovski Jim & Jess – These Lovlots Birds on Broadway are singing and dancing birds.  Jess is yellow and Jim is lavender.  Lovlots Jim and Jess will retail for $110.
  • Swarovski Fred – This Lovlots Birds on Broadway figurine is the Limited Edition figurine for the Birds on Broadway collection.  Lovlots Fred is a vulture and will retail for $80.  Lovlots Fred will only be available in 2012.
  • Swarovski Jenna  – This Lovlots Birds on Broadway figurine is a pink girly-girl baby bird.  Lovlots Jenna will retail for $50.
  • Swarovski Justin  – This Lovlots Birds on Broadway figurine is a light blue baby bird.  Lovlots Justin will retail for $50.

According to the article on the crystal brand’s site, the Swarovski Birds on Broadway will be available for purchase in their online shoppe on March 5, 2012.

Swarovski crystal fanatics can find a complete list of Swarovski Lovlots crystal figurines at Crystal Exchange America.  Collectors looking to purchase retired or discontinued Swarovski Lovlots figurines, can find them at Crystal Exchange America in the category “Lovlots and Zodiac”.