Jul 042012

Swarovski often uses a standard crystal component or design and allows for companies to have it customized to sell or use as a company incentive or award.  We have seen many Swarovski ball paperweights, keyrings, hexagons and so forth with specialized company names or logos.  Common examples are the 40mm colored paperweights seen with the Warner’s Blue Ribbon Book logo, Crystal Affair colored paperweights, and Crystal Exchange America keyrings.

In 2011, I saw some of the more unique contemporary designs implemented for the same use.  These designs were called the Swarovski Crystal Peak figurines.  The Crystal Peak is available in 2 different sizes:

The Swarovski Crystal peak gifts have a topaz-like colored stone, affixed to dark-brownish granite pillars.  The Crystal Peak figurines that I have personally seen are in a traditional blue Swarovski Box do have the Swan logo on them.

Kristall Buzz wants to take this opportunity to celebrate July 4th with some fireworks, over the Swarovski Crystal Peak of course.  So Happy July 4th to Swarovski crystal fanatics across the USA!