Jan 222011

The arctic air remains upon us (-6 degrees Fahrenheit!), so it’s time to pull out the camera today for more pictures of SCS figurines.  Well this time, when I say SCS figurines, I’m actually referring to “Super Cold Swarovski” figurines.

Today, the photography focus was on Swarovski flowers in the arctic snow and ice.  Two more Swarovski figurines were selected for today’s photo challenge: the Swarovski Poinsettia and the Swarovski Star Blossoms.

The Swarovski flower Poinsettia glistened in the arctic snow….it’ s amazing that the snowflakes can be seen on the crystal figurine.  If you look closely at the image, the frosty snow can be seen resting on the flower petals of the SCS figurine (remember, that’s Super Cold Swarovski).  The Swarovski Poinsettia was introduced in 2007 can be found at the Swarovski web site for $95.

Swarovski Poinsettia
The Swarovski flower Star Blossoms also had a neat appeal when photographed in the chilly outdoors.  The arctic snow surrounding the Swarovski Star Blossoms can be seen in the background.  The Swarovski Star Blossoms were introduced in 2009 and are now a part of the retired Swarovski collection.  There is still some left inventory of the online store and they are on sale for $55!  What a bargain for a Swarovski crystal figurine that once retailed for $90.
Swarovski Star Blossoms
Hopefully,  Swarovski fanatics remaining warm, or better yet in a much more pleasant climate, away from the chilly arctic blast!  Perhaps there will be some more pictures of Swarovski flower arctic-style in the snow posted here again!  If there are any retired Swarovski flowers on your wish list, check out Crystal Exchange America  web site http://www.crystalexchange.com/ ….there’s a good bit listed there.

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