Swarovski Auctions: Figurines from Crystal Exchange on Ebay



Selling Swarovski Crystal

Crystal fanatics and non-collectors alike list and sell their Swarovski figurines with the expert Swarovski dealer Crystal Exchange America.   Crystal Exchange advertises them via their website www.CrystalExchange.com.  The clients are paid following successful completion of sales.  However, the process can sometimes take time, a long time.  This depends on the “market” in general, how well the Swarovski figurine is liked, how attractively the Swarovski figurine is priced, and just how much competition there may or may not be for that particular Swarovski figurine.

Swarovski Auction Benefits

For that reason, Crystal Exchange America also utilizes the Swarovski auction venue Ebay.  Ebay has a natural draw, a huge base of interested collectors, and the ability for clients to determine maximum price they want to pay for a figurine.  The bidding process itself is not an option at the Crystal Exchange America web site…..it uses a traditional shopping cart system, which some people may compare to the Buy It Now feature on Ebay.  In Swarovski auctions, buying from Crystal Exchange America makes alot of sense…bidders know the figurines have been professionally inspected and that figurines may be at more attractive prices than those in the online store where sellers are determining the prices, not buyers.  Since Crystal Exchange America has been a successful online retired Swarovski dealer for over 15 years, bidders can also have confidence that they are getting exactly what is being advertised.

For selling-clients, one benefit includes quicker sales, ultimately meaning quicker cash. Another benefit is that clients are not required to get involved with Ebay or Paypal technology, Crystal Exchange handles all of that.  And with a high feedback rating, sellers will know that their figurines are accurately represented in the Swarovski auction for their figurine.

Crystal Exchange’s Swarovski Auctions

Some Swarovski auctions on Ebay that are ending soon can be seen on the right.  However, for a complete list of the Swarovski figurines available at any time, collectors can view all the auctions for ebay user id: www.CrystalExchange.com .

 Swarovski Crystal Article by Angie
October 27, 2012