Jan 182011

Continuing the discussion about Swarovski cylinders and boxes, I am going to share more information about the foam inserts used in Swarovski cylinder packaging.

There are three main types of Swarovski foam that I have seen in cylinders.  Additionally, I have seen stryrofoam inserts used in Swarovski cylinders.

The first type of foam is rolled foam.  It is a single piece of foam that a figurine can be wrapped or rolled in prior to placing it in the cylinder.  It is generally gray in color and about ½” thick.  Being very generic, it can be used for many types of figurines.  I have seen rolled foam used in both gray cylinders, but not in blue cylinders.

The next type of foam is generic molded foam.  It is may be hinged or in two separate pieces.  It has a cutout, generic enough for many types of figurines to fit into.  The foam  is gray or blue in color.

The last type of foam is specific foam created for use by one and only one figurine.  The specific foam was likely created if Swarovski felt that the rolled foam for generic molded foam would not sufficiently protect the Swarovski crystal figurine for shipping and storage.   It is gray or blue in color.

For the very oldest Swarovski cylinders, those with the block SC logo on them, I’ve also seen white styrofoam used.  It is in two separate pieces and may also have the block SC logo on it.

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