Feb 172011

The Swarovski Centrotavola Centerpiece is a rare and unique sculpture that was in the Daniel Swarovski product line.  So you are wondering just how rare it is?  Swarovski produced only 250 of them from 1989 to 1997.  The Centrotavola bowl is a Swarovski NLE. Each of the Centrotavola centerpiece bowls had a numbered certificate (matches the number engraved on the bowl) accompanying the rare figurine.  The original MSRP of the figurine was $5275.

Swarovski Centrotavola Centerpiece sitting on Swarovski Box

The Swarovski artist credited with the design is Ettore Sottsass.  The Swarovski part number is 9980 000 005.  The Swarovski system number is 155 459.  This magnificent centerpiece measures 10″ in diameter.
There are surprising factors in the sale…the length of time listed and the final selling price.  I’d like to think that a Swarovski limited edition figurine of 250 units would definitely hold the original retail price.  And that a Swarovski limited edition figurine of 250 units would have a faster turnaround with respect to how quickly it sells after it is listed on the web site.

This rare Swarovski crystal Centrotavola was listed  on the Crystal Exchange America web site (http://www.crystalexchange.com/) nearly 2 ½ years prior to selling.  Not only that, the list price when it sold was about 33% LESS than the original MSRP.  The Centrotavola bowl was in MINT condition with all original packaging, so condition, certificate, and box did not play a part in the final price.

Swarovski Certificate, engraved number, and engraved designer signature

So what does this mean to Swarovski fanatics?  I believe there are a lot of factors that contribute to whether or not retired Swarovski sells quickly and the final selling price of the figurines.  In this case, I think the biggest factors are the economy and the overall appeal to the collector.  The economy is still weaker, contributing to the overall trading prices on ALL retired Swarovski collectibles.  Since our beautiful Swarovski crystal is not a necessity, people and collectors are spending less money from their expendable budget on it.  While the Centrotavola is certainly a magnificent Swarovski figurine, I think that many collectors still prefer animal-type figurines and sculptures.   My company, Crystal Exchange America, has a much higher turnover rate on animals or cute figurines, than on functional items, like candleholders, bowls, or more artsy-type productions from Swarovski.

My strong recommendation is to purchase the Swarovski crystal figurines that a collector personally likes and will get enjoyment out of displaying.  I used to purchase more Swarovski than I do now….mostly due to the economy and limitations on my budget.  So, it is more important than ever for me to pick my favorite Swarovski figurines when I make that decision to purchase.

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