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I’m going to cover some more acronyms used in advertising crystal that is for sale primarily in the online auctions.  While the many seasoned Swarovski Crystal collectors understand the acronyms, there are still a lot of people buying and selling Swarovski who truly do not understand the commodity at hand.  So, I thought I’d do my best to explain the acronyms and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski SCS – Swarovski Crystal Society.  This is the Swarovski Clubthat collectors can optionally join. Membership is approximately $55 USD per year.  Swarovski SCS members receive a subscription to the Swarovski magazine and have the privilege of purchasing the Swarovski Annual Edition crystal figurine online or from a retail store.  (Following the explanation of Swarovski AE below, I have provided a list of the Swarovski SCS figurines and years they were released.)Swarovski AE – Swarovski Annual Edition.  Annual edition means that it is available for one year only.  When a Swarovski collector refers to an Annual Edition, they typically mean the Swarovski SCS figurine for Swarovski Club members or perhaps the annual edition Christmas ornaments.  The following Swarovski SCS crystal figurines are annual editions:

Swarovski AE Lovebirds -1987, Swarovski AE Woodpeckers – 1988, Swarovski AE Turtledoves – 1989,

Swarovski AE Dolphins – 1990, Swarovski AE Seals – 1991, Swarovski AE Whales – 1992,
Swarovski AE Elephant – 1993, Swarovski AE Kudu – 1994, Swarovski AE Lion- 1995,
Swarovski AE Unicorn- 1996, Swarovski AE Dragon- 1997, Swarovski AE Pegasus – 1998,
Swarovski AE Pierrot – 1999, Swarovski AE Columbine – 2000, Swarovski AE Harlequin – 2001,
Swarovski AE Isadora- 2002, Swarovski AE Antonio – 2003, Swarovski AE Anna – 2004,
Swarovski AE Harmony – 2005, Swarovski AE Eternity – 2006, Swarovski AE Community – 2007,
Swarovski AE Pandas – 2008, Swarovski AE Gorillas – 2009, Swarovski AE Tiger – 2010, and

Swarovski AE Siku – 2011.

Swarovski AE Tiger – 2010
In many cases, Swarovski SCS figurines are Swarovski AE figurines.  However, Swarovski AE figurines are not necessarily Swarovski SCS figurines.  One thing for certain to keep in mind is that Swarovski SCS figurines definitely have special Swarovski Certificates. Swarovski AE figurines may or may not have a special certificate.  Be careful if you see contradictory information (for example an auction for a Swarovski AE states Swarovski Certificate included, but shows an image of the generic product booklet). Locating and purchasing a special AE certificate can be difficult and expensive (yes, expensive for a few page pamplet).  When the transaction is completed the buyer needs to be satisfied with the merchandise being offered and final winning bid.

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