Feb 022011

I found a new Swarovski Crystal Video a few days ago.  It is a video with LOTS of Swarovski Nirvana rings falling, falling, until they bounce off a shiny black surface.

Below the video, Swarovski asks: What do you get when you set Swarovski’s iconic Nirvana Ring against a backdrop of beautiful melody and blissful visuals? Swarovski answers: Paradise on earth!
In the Swarovski video, I noticed clear Nirvana rings, black Nirvana rings, and blue Nirvana rings.  I started searching out the Swarovski Nirvana rings, and was I ever surprised at all the different colors I found them in:
  • Swarovski Nirvana Clear (Swarovski web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Tanzanite (light purple) (Swarovski web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Flash Blue Glitter (Swarovski web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Flash Blue (Swarovski web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Jet (black) (Swarovski web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Ring Emerald (green) (Swarovski web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Yellow Flash (Amazon web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Flash Lavender (Amazon web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Ring Flash Lavender Glitter (Swarovski web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana Pink Flash (Amazon web site)
  • Swarovski Nirvana White Flash (Amazon web site)
It appears that the Nirvana rings are available in a lot more colors than I ever realized.  The rings range in price from $170 – $190 depending on the color and source.  Enjoy the video clip! If you are are considering to purchase the Nirvana ring, you should have plenty of colors to select from!

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