Feb 062011

It is very common to see acronyms used in normal Swarovski descriptions and in online auctions (due to the limitation of characters in item titles).  While the majority of Swarovski crystal collectors understand the acronyms, I’m sure there are still a lot of new collectors and inexperienced bidders (aka newbies) on the scene. So, I thought I’d take some time do my best to explain the acronyms, provide history, and offer cautions on the use of them.

Swarovski LE – Swarovski Limited Edition.  A Swarovski limited edition figurine may be limited by distribution channel.  A Swarovski limited edition figurine may be limited by year of availability.  A Swarovski limited edition figurine may be limited by quantity (but it may not be a Swarovski NLE) Examples of Swarovski Limited Editions are:
  • Swarovski Flower Mo – online only exclusive
  • Swarovski Tinker Bell – available only in 2008
  • Swarovski Employee Centenar – only 9700 produced

Swarovski NLE – Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition.  The Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition pieces are Swarovski figurines that are etched with a number and have a pre-determined maximum production quantity.  Examples of Swarovski NLE items include: Swarovski Eagle, Swarovski Peacock, Swarovski Wild Horses, Swarovski Elephant, Swarovski Bull, Swarovski Rhinoceros, and Swarovski Black Panther.  Pictures of six Swarovski NLE can be found at  http://www.swarovskibroker.com/ .  The four sculptures in the Swarovski Crystal Myriad Collection are additional of Swarovski NLE issues.

The difference between a Swarovski LE and Swarovski NLE is that the Swarovski LE itself is not numbered.  There are also Swarovski LE figurines that have numbered certificates, such as the Swarovski masks and Swarovski Platonic Bodies.  These items are not considered NLE since the number is not on the figurine itself.

Hopefully this brief discussion will help all Swarovski collectors in knowing what Limited Editions and Numbered Limited Editions are.  Understanding the differences is key so that no mistakes are made in understanding just how exclusive a particular retired Swarovski figurine may be.

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