Mar 132011

Crystal Exchange America has a very joyous couple of clients who recently purchased a rare Swarovski Mouse. This crystal mouse is a very special figurine that was never sold or marketed by Swarovski.

This particular Swarovski mouse is like no others that I have ever seen.  At the onset of the transaction, the selling client stated that less than 1000 were produced and that it was a gift to some retailers.  The selling client was located in the European community.  So, it sound like it may be a piece of rare Swarovski?  During the sale, I learned that less than 400 were actually made in 2006. It does contain the Swarovski swan logo, but because the mouse was a special family member project, it was never assigned an official Swarovski part number or system number.

Rare Swarovski Mouse Crystal Figurine
The mouse is just over 2.5″ long, and features silver whiskers and black ears.  The black tail is about 3″ long and resembles a round shoe lace.  The crystal body reminds me of a bell shape.  It is 1.75″ wide and 1.25″ high at the broadest point.  The face and back end are polished, not faceted like most Swarovski figurines.

This rare Swarovski figurine is documented in the 2011 edition of Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books.  It is in the Silver Crystal Book, located in the Employee chapter.  No Swarovski Value was assigned to the figurine in the book.

This was a terrific find and the Swarovski fanatics who made the purchase are very happy collectors.  I’m thrilled that Crystal Exchange America was able to assist in the transaction to make all parties involved satisfied clients.

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