Mar 202011

The Swarovski Hong Kong Pyramid is an exceptional sculpture that was in the Swarovski Crystal Home Accessories product line.  The Swarovski crystal figurine that sold in January had a price tag of $900 with shipping cost included.

Are you curious to know how rare or hard-to-find that it may be?  Swarovski produced only 1997 of them from 1997 to 1998.  Each of the Hong Kong Pyramids produced is numbered, that that makes this sculpture a Swarovski Numbered Limited Edition (Swarovski NLE).  The original MSRP of the Swarovski crystal figurine was approximately $1100 USD.

The designer who created the unique sculpture wasTsang Mei Fong.  The designer’s design was a competition winner, where her crystal figurine was selected to commemorate the transition year of Hong Kong.  The Swarovski Part number is 9280 000 035.  The Swarovski system number is 222 858.  This magnificent art object measures 12″ in height and 2″ square at the base.

Swarovski Hong Kong Crystal with Swarovski Identification Label and Designer Inscription


This rare Swarovski crystal is not necessarily hard to find, despite the limited number of production.  Crystal Exchange America presently has 4 listed, ranging in price from $1700 – $2100.  One or two can generally be found in the online auctions near $1200 – $1500.


Illusion looking at Swarovski Hong Kong Crystal through the bottom facet

My advice to Swarovski collectors is to purchase the Swarovski crystal figurines that you really like….ones that tug at your heart.  One never knows what is going to happen in the economy or how well a figurine may sell to make it more desirable or sell for a much higher price in the future.  If this were predictable, we would all be making good investments in crystal and in other market areas.

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