Apr 122011

The latest Lovlots series was launched last month, the Swarovski Lovlots circus. Swarovski Benny is among the figurines in this Lovlots series.  Accompanying Swarovski Benny Bunny are Swarovski Jade Dancing Horse, Swarovski Jasmine Dancing Horse, Swarovski Leo Lion, Swarovski Rolly Monkey, Swarovski Rosalie Dancing Horse, Swarovski Toby Elephant, and Swarovski Tony Elephant.

The crystal giant has certainly advertised Jade as a limited edition Swarovski figurine in the Circus series.  The site states that Swarovski Jade is a ‘Limited Edition horse available only available in 2011′.

There is another figurine in the Swarovski Circus collection that the Swarovski site implies may be a limited edition….Swarovski Benny.  Taken directly from the Swarovski Benny product description on the site:  ‘This shy Prince Charming makes a very cute couple with Bella the rabbit! Benny is only available for a limited time while stocks last.’

Swarovski Circus Benny Bunny

I have asked several Swarovski retailers about whether or not Benny is a limited edition, and they seem unaware of the possibility that it could be limited.  I did some searching on the web, and found at least five stores online stating that it is available for a limited time only.  Two store sources told me that it does not have the year on it (like other Limited Edition Lovlots).

The Lovlots Circus Swarovski crystal figurines are all available for purchase on the Swarovski web site.  Simply go to the web site, and do a search on ‘circus’.  The search results will show the eight figurines from the series.

If I should get a Swarovski company confirmation regarding the marketing of Swarovski Benny, I’ll post an update.

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