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The Swarovski Home Accessories product line has under gone a number of name changes, since the inception in 1992.

The line was introduced in 1992, as Swarovski Selection.  The initial release was 12 pieces, ranging in price from $325.00 to $995.00.  Some of these Swarovski crystal issues, were limited by the number of pieces Swarovski would produce, believing it would make it more desirable to the collector.  Being failrly simplistic designs, Silver Crystal collectors did not take a fancy to them.  Also, with the price point was on the high side, collectors were indeed selective about what Swarovski Selection figurines were added to their crystal collections.

By 1996, individual Swarovski Selection crystals carried individual numbers on some of the figurines, making each piece distinctive.  This individual numbering system has carried over into 2011, but is now coming to an end.  Even purchasing a pair of flutes, for example, each was marked with an individual number.  (But not all flutes have unique numbers on them.)

In 2002, the product line name changed to Swarovski Crystal Décor.  From 2003 – 2007, the product line was known as Swarovski Crystal Home Accessories.  In 2008 – 2010, it was Swarovski Home & Interior.  Now, in 2011, it is called Swarovski Home Accessories.  While the product line name changes evolved due to times, collector tastes, and other reasons, the constant change does make it more difficult for the collector to keep track of Swarovski product lines offered.

In 2004, Swarovski reassigned some crystal figurines from Silver Crystal to Crystal Home Accessories, probably the most memorable are the Waterlily Candleholders.

There have been numerous theme groups over the years, Mood for Ice was probably the most unique.  Other theme groups included the Jewels collection, Crystal Jewels, Dressed Up, Out of Africa, Op Art, Rainbow, Crystal Leaves, Crystal Celebrations, and Crystalline.  Crystalline is the only theme group still in use today.

Swarovski Home Accessories product literature under older names

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