May 052011

In the past, I have posted links to Swarovski Videos on YouTube.  Still not posted to the KristallBuzz was the Swarovski City Park Video with the cartoonish Lovlots critters.  The Swarovski Lovlots City Park group was released in 2010.  Swarovski City Park critters include:

  • Swarovski Bella (Rabbit)
  • Swarovski Duke (Duck)
  • Swarovski Gracy (Squirrel)
  • Swarovski Lily & Luke (Ducks)
  • Swarovski Max (Fox)
  • Swarovski Nick (Hedgehog) – retiring 2011
  • Swarovski Romeo (Frog)
  • Swarovski Spike (Hedgehog) – retiring 2011
  • Swarovski Ted (Bear)
  • Swarovski Ziggy, Limited Edition (Woodpecker) – retired in 2010

Crystal Exchange America has a lot of information on all the Swarovski Lovlots groups on their site.
They also have many of the retired Swarovski Crystal Lovlots available for purchase on their web site in the ‘Lovlots and Zodiac’ category: .

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