May 212011

Swarovski collectors do not need to be an official member of the Swarovski club SCS to get the latest Swarovski news.  Crystal fanatics have access to the news everywhere on the internet.

Fanatics can sign up on the Swarovski site for free Swarovski newsletter, which is published twice a month.  The crystal brand’s newsletters may include features like new Swarovski product launches, promotions, special events, trends, and more.  To have access to this news, directly from the manufacturer, collectors simply need to their email address and language preference on the Swarovski Newsletter form.  Since I’m already on the mailing list for this newsletter, I did not need to subscribe again.

Another official Swarovski newsletter available to fanatics is the Swarovski Beauty Newsletter. To subscribe to this newsletter, collectors need to provide first name, last name, country of residence, and email.  A cell phone number is optional if a collector wishes to receive the news on the cell phone (perhaps in the form of a text message?).  I believe that this Swarovski newsletter will include information on the Swarovski Aura perfume, Swarovski make up jewels, and Swarovski body cream, perfumed shower gel, and perfumed spray that are beginning to launch.  There is no reference as to how frequently the Swarovski Beauty Newsletter is to be issued.  I did sign up for this Swarovski Newsletter and got immediate confirmation my email address had been successfully added.

Two other excellent resources for reliable (yet unofficial) news are and . is an excellent venue for staying current on the list of Swarovski crystal retirements for many of the Swarovski product lines.   The “Retiring Soon” page of the site will indicate the most up to date information on Swarovski figurines retiring soon.  This page also contains links to the Swarovski web site so that you can conveniently order before stocks are gone.

The Kristall Buzz Blog is a Swarovski Blog that I have been contributing to since October, 2010.  7 months, 145 posts, and LOTS of Swarovski crystal fanatics telling us how much they appreciate the information and enjoy reading our blog.  The Kristall Buzz had many facets of information.  The blog on Swarovski crystal may contain details on new releases, retirement announcements, and other exciting areas that the Swarovski brand is involved with and that collectors themselves may find interesting.  It is not just about crystal figurines.  It is much more and fascinating to read about.  I hope that everyone will stay tuned to the Kristall Buzz, and be on the look-out for more remarkable things to come!

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