Jul 212011

This evening I came across some functional issues in the Swarovski “Active Crystals” product line.  Honestly, I hadn’t really checked out that area of the crystal brand’s web site until today.  But I did find it intriguing and the Swarovski USB stick products charming enough to write about.

Swarovski USB Memory Key (turtle)

Swarovski USB Memory Key (turtle)

Swarovski USB Memory Key accessories…..the USB is found hidden inside a cute little animal.  Each sparkly pet can hold up to 4GB data.  There are:

  • Swarovski Chloy the turtle.  Chloy is available in either green or purple.  Swarovski USB Chloy retails for $100.
  • Swarovski Howard the pig.  Howard is available in either pink or black.  Swarovski USB Howard retails for $100.
  • Swarovski Maurice the bird.  Maurice is available in either yellow or blue. Swarovski USB Maurice retails for $90.
  • Swarovski Pearly the rabbit.  Pearly is available in either red or white. Swarovski USB Pearly retails for $90.
Swarovski USB Necklace

Swarovski USB Necklace





Swarovski USB Heart Necklaces are funky devices that hang on a stainless steel chain.  The smaller sparkly heart is the part that is the USB drive.  It is decorated with 54 small crystal stones.  It holds up to 4 GB data and is available in five different colors: crystal, blue zircon, Indian siam (red), light rose (pink), and violet (lavender).  All five colors of the Swarovski USB necklaces retail for $75 each.

Swarovski USB Pen

Swarovski USB Pen


And last of the Swarovski USB devices are the Crystalline USB pens.  These 2-in-1 units function both as a pen and a USB drive.  The body of the ink pen is filled with 200 crystal stones accenting or coordinating with the barrel of the pen.  Users simply pull the pen apart to reveal the USB drive. The Swarovski Crystalline USB pen is available in five different colors: anthracite (black), aquamarine, (light blue), Indian sapphire (looks like silver in the pictures??), light amethyst (lavender), and white pearl.  The Swarovski USB pens retail for $75 each.


USB flash drives (4GB) can generally be found for under $20.  But if you are a friend of a Swarovski crystal fanatic, and you are looking for gift ideas, these Swarovski USB devices may be something to consider.  At the Swarovski web site, you can go to the ‘Fashion Accessories’ category, then to ‘Active Crystals®’.  There, you can find all the Swarovski USB sticks mentioned in the post.

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