Jul 112011

Swarovski Santa Mo has officially launched in the Swarovski online store.  As the orders begin coming in, Santa Mo will begin its journey to spend Christmas 2011 in thousand of the new homes.

Swarovski Santa Mo, Limited Edition 2011

This sweet Swarovski Lovlots limited edition cow (Swarovski system number 1096024) is dressed in a classic Santa suit, complete with Santa hat.  This Swarovski figurine will be available only in 2011.

Knowing that this is a Swarovski Limited Edition, many crystal fanatics may purchase extra Christmas Santa Mo figurines speculating on how popular this collectible may be beginning on 2012.  As a result, Santa Mo may appear soon in online auctions or the secondary market.   Once Crystal Exchange America has any listings for the figurine, the Swarovski Santa Mo will be found in the  ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ category of the store.
Here’s looking forward to a Merry Christmas with a new Santa Mo in my crystal cabinet!

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