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Within the Swarovski Trimlite line, there were figurines produce in “The Gnome Family” group.  According to Wikipedia, gnomes are “small humanoid creatures that live underground”.  Swarovski’s artistic interpretations of gnomes are delightful little figurines have round crystal bellies with gold faces, pointed gold hats, gold arms & hands, and gold legs & feet.

Swarovski Trimlite Gnomes / Gnome Family

Swarovski Trimlite Gnomes

The numbers in the list below correspond to the numbers in the character collage above.  The list also includes Swarovski Trimlite identification numbers:

  1. Trimlite Gnome Mama –  52801
  2. Trimlite Gnome Papa – 52802
  3. Trimlite Gnome Dancing Daughter–  52803
  4. Trimlite Gnome Laughing Sister – 52804
  5. Trimlite Gnome Brother Playing Horn – 52805
  6. Trimlite Gnome Laughing Brother – 52806

Naturally, Gnome Papa and Gnome Mama are the tallest figurines, measuring in at 3.5″ tall.  All the Trimlite Gnome children: dancing daughter, laughing sister, brother playing horn, and laughing brother are smaller, at a height of 2.5″.

What does surprise me are the introduction years of the members in the Gnome Family.  All the gnome children were introduced BEFORE the gnome parents.  The gnome children were introduced in 1983 at a retail price of $25 each.  All gnome children figurines retired in 1988.  The gnome parents were introduced in 1985 at a retail price of $50 each.  Both gnome parents figurines retired in 1988.

The Trimlite Gnome Family figurines are not the easiest figurines to find.  Crystal Exchange America has sold only 15 Gnome figurines in the 15 years they have been online selling retired Swarovski crystal.  The last ones sold early in 2009, just over $200 each.

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