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In 2006, Swarovski introduced a pair of crystal figurines resembling a bride and groom.  They were called Kris Bear – You and I.  This product was a pair of clear bears with a tad bit of crystal accents.

In 2011, Swarski has modified the bride and groom figurines to include more colored accents.  This new pair of bears was launched under a different system number.  This was nice for Swarovski crystal collectors in that there would not be two different variations to be catalogs under the same Swarovski identification numbers.

Swarovski You and I Variations

Swarovski You and I Variations

Swarovski Kris Bear Bride

Swarovski Kris Bear Bride



Swarovski Kris Bear Bride:

  • 2006 figurine (right): kakadu red crystal with peridot and jonquil crystal bouquet.  (In English, that it pink and light green).  The bride is also wearing a clear headpiece. Swarovski system number 842936.
  • 2011 figurine (left):  violet crystal with amethyst crystal bouquet.  The bridal headpiece is also violet.  Swarovski system number 1096736.


Swarovski Kris Bear Groom

Swarovski Kris Bear Groom




Swarovski Kris Bear Groom:

  • 2006 figurine (right):  Montana crystal bow tie. The groom is sporting a clear top hat.  Swarovski system number 842936.
  • 2011 figurine (left):  light sapphire satin crystal bow tie.  The groom is sporting a light sapphire top hat, however it appears to be a different color since the crystal hat component is much larger than the tie component.  Swarovski system number 1096736.

(The system numbers above represent the pair as the bride and groom figurines have never been available individually for purchase)


This gleaming couple has also undergone several name changes in the course of availability.  When the 2006 crystal figurines were launched, they were known and “You and I”.  The couple held this name until 2009 when it was renamed “Bride and Groom”.  Now, in 2011 the most clear figurines have taken on their original product name of “You and I”.  The more colorful couple is presently known as “You and I”.

The most clear Swarovski You and I figurines are no longer available for sale on the Swarovski web site.  Being out of stock, and with a new version of the pair released, this likely means the original ones are retiring in 2011.

The more colorful Swarovski You and I figurines are available on the Swarovski web site.  They also retail for $165, the same price tag as their predecessors.

I personally like the name “Bride and Groom”.  I think it is helpful to have a product easily associated with the product name.

For Swarovski crystal fanatics who prefer the original figurine, look quickly for stores who may have older stock of the original “You and I”.  It may not be too late to find them at this point.  Make sure you confirm with retailers the description and Swarovski identification numbers of the item you want.  Also, you will want to be certain that you receive the box with the proper identification number on the label so that you know you have original and correct packaging.

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