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Some little-known pictures produced by our favorite crystal brand are the Swarovski CrystalograM creations.   Briefly, a CrystalograM is a work of art by Hubert Weidinger with Swarovski crystal stones hand-set into the work which extends from a canvas across the frame to create an extremely unique portrait.

Swarovski CrystalograM Collection

Swarovski CrystalograMs by Hubert Weidinger

Hubert Weidinger is a Swarski artist who created five CrystalograMs, hence “The Five by Weidinger”. The Swarovski CrystalograM pictures each have a theme and primary color:

  1. Swarovski Fire CrystalograM – red
  2. Swarovski Nature CrystalograM –  green
  3. Swarovski Earth CrystalograM – orange
  4. Swarovski Air CrystalograM – violet
  5. Swarovski Water CrystalograM – blue

The five Swarovski CrystalograM pictures were available in two different sizes, both which were Swarovski limited editions.  The smaller size was 12” square and was limited to 4,999 units.   The larger size was 24.5” square and was limited to 99 units.  The 12” CrystalograM was decorated with about 400 crystal stones retailed for approximately $350.  The 24.5” CrystalograM was decorated with about 1200 faceted crystal stones and retailed for $5000.

All the Swarovski CrystalograMs were officially available from 1993 through 1997, however some of them may have sold out prior to that due to the limited quantity available.

While a few other CrystalograM designs have been documented, they were likely commissioned for special clients.

Swarovski CrystalograM pictures are very difficult to find.  At Crystal Exchange America, only a few have ever been listed and sold, and that was nearly a decade ago when the economy was much stronger.  During that timeframe, the smaller ones sold in the price range of $650 – $900 each.  The larger ones sold in the price range of $3000 – $3200.  If were more to be listed in our online store at , the Swarovski CrystalograMs would appear in the category “Limited Edition Swarovski”.

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