Sep 112011

I’m guessing that by now, September, 2011 many people have either heard about Happy Feet the 2006 Warner Bros movie, or more recently,  the Emperor Penguin named “Happy Feet”.  The recent Happy Feet story is one of an Emperor Penguin that somehow lost his way from his usual surroundings of Antarctica, ended up on the sandy beaches of New Zealand, and then became ill eating unusual things, requiring surgery and healing.

Swarovski Trimlite Crystal and Pewter Penguin

Swarovski Trimlite Pewter Penguin

Good news…on September 6, Happy Feet was released into the frigid Southern Ocean waters with the hopes that he would eventually return home.  This special penguin was equipped with a tracking device for his followers to watch his journey home.  Here is the release video and more information on tracking Happy Feet’s Return to the Antarctica.

This recent event made me think of the different Swarovski penguin figurines that have been produced in the Swarovski Trimlite product line.

I think that the cutest Swarski ‘Happy Feet’ are the Swarovski Trimlite Pewter Penguins.  Given their rarity and value, I’ll provide a bit more information these Trimlite Penguins.  The Large Pewter Penguin is 5” tall.  It was produced 1982 through 1986.  While it originally retailed for $125, purchasing one now will likely cost $500 or more.  The Small Pewter Penguin is 3” tall.  It was produced 1982 through 1986.  While it originally retailed for $195, purchasing one now will likely cost $500 or more.  Both these Trimlite penguin collectibles are a part of the Trimlite group “Boutiques and Paperweight”.

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