Nov 052011

November 5 marked the debut of Harrod’s Swarovski Crystal Christmas!  Can you believe it….50 days til Christmas?

Inspired by Swarovski, the large department store has a seven-window display featuring a glitzy woodland landscape with dazzling trees drenched with Swarovski gems.

Harrods Swarovski Wedding Gown

Harrods Swarovski Wedding Gown

When Harrods and Swarovski joined forces, nothing but the finest should be expected.  The fascinating forest scene features mannequins hanging from trees along with wintry branches and garland.

‘We are really excited to be part of ‘A Crystal Christmas’, Tamara Ralph said. ‘When I was asked to create my ultimate Swarovski gown, I was instantly inspired by the 1920’s era. I wanted to create a show-stopping and intricate piece that oozed glamour.’  The wedding dress contains approximately 152,000 Swarovski crystal stones.   The gown workforce consisted of more than 25 couturiers working hundreds of hours to completion.

Swarovski will have a pop-up store in four of the seven windows, selling jewelry, including that from the Atelier Swarovski collection.

Check out the display windows….

Harrods Swarovski Window Display

Swarovski Harrods Christmas Window Scene

Swarovski Harrods Christmas Window Scene

I personally thought that the display seemed a bit dark, missing the true meaning of Christmas.  After writing this article, I revisited the web site where I found the news and found LOTS of comments from readers who seemed quite turned off by the display.   Some adjectives and phrases posted by readers include “scary”, “bizarre”, “depressing”,  “inducing nightmares”,  and “creepy”.

Sometimes pictures don’t do justice to the actual live display….I’d be interested to see it personally, but really cannot seeing as it is on a different continent than I live.

In any case, I hope that it is the success that Swarovski and Harrods are hoping for.

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