Nov 222011

On November 16, the 2011 Star for the Rockefeller Tree was revealed by actress Olivia Wilde.  This is the eighth year that Swarovski has held the honor of designing the Star to be placed on the Rockefeller Tree.  I found a video on Bing where the Today show hosts interview the actress about the Swarovski Star:  Bing Rockefeller Star Video.

Swarovski 2011 Rockefeller Star

2011 Swarovski Rockefeller Star

The 2011 Swarovski Star has 12 rays outfitted with 720 LED bulbs.  It is over 9 feet in diameter and 18 inches deep.  And the weight….I don’t know how they keep in on the tree….550 pounds, which includes 300 pounds of crystal!  The Swarovski Rockefeller Star uses a computer program plus and 25,000 crystals (over 1,000,000 facets) creates an amazing sparkling light show to captivate the Christmas audience.

The effort behind this glittery giant star is equally impressive.  Nine people spent 1200 man-hours, setting up, analyzing, and assessing the star to make certain it would perform in all variations of New York City’s winter climate.

The Swarovski Star Ornament is now on the Norway Spruce, which stands 74 feet tall, where it will remain through the end of the 2011 holiday season.  Visitors can see the lit tree through January 7, 2012 5:30am – 11:30am.  There are special hours on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The Rockefeller Tree Lighting ceremony will be Wednesday, November 30, 2011.  The event will be broadcast on the NBC network 8:00 – 9:00 EST.  Swarovski crystal fanatics should program their DVR for this event!

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