Dec 312011

I’ve been busy finding new 2012 Swarovski Crystal introductions and checking out changes on the web site.  Today, I discovered that the Swarovski Happy Ducks have been moved to the Swarovski Lovlots group.  Previously, the Happy Ducks were grouped with the Crystal Moments figurines.

I wonder if the crystal brand is planning to incorporate a Lovlots Pond into the Lovlots City in light of this news.  That would certainly be consistent with how they organize this cute little colorful community!

So, with the two new 2012 Happy Ducks, there are a total of 17 Happy Ducks / Happy Duck pairs:

Swarovski Happy Ducks Punk Duck

Swarovski Punk Duck

Swarovski Happy Ducks Sir and Lady Duck

Swarovski Sir and Lady Ducks


Swarovski Punk Duck is new for 2012.  It is a silver-grayish duck with a bill ring, red spikes on the head, a choker of spikes,  and a skull near the duck’s rump.

Swarovski Sir and Lady Duck are an elegant couple.  Swarovski Sir Duck is wearing his finest tuxedo and Swarovski Lady Duck is all decked out for a fancy evening.

All the Lovlots Happy Ducks are designed by Verena Castelein or Keiko Arai.  Some of the Happy Ducks listed above as 2011 retirements can be found in the Swarovski shoppe at 30%-40% off.

So, this is just one change that is coming up on the Crystal Exchange America website.   Presently, the Happy Ducks are in the Crystal Moments category.  Very soon, these Swarovski crystal ducks  will be moved from this category to the category “Lovlots & Zodiac”.

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