Apr 252012

Yesterday, I found an update on the crystal brand’s web site regarding the launch date of the upcoming Limited Edition Swarovski Bubble Mo.  The company has announced to its SCS members that the 2012 Limited Edition Bubble Mo will be available for purchase in the online shoppe May 29.

Lovlots Limited Edition Bubble Mo by Swarovski

Swarovski Lovlots Limited Edition Bubble Mo

Swarovski Lovlots Bubble Mo is about 1 ¾” in height.  The company uses these colors in their official product description: Scuba Blue, Air Blue Opal, and Lavender crystal.  Swarovski mentions that the laser engraved bubbles are symbolic of “bubbles of joy” in the SCS news, and calls them “bubbles of excitement” in the product description.

Swarovski states in their announcement, that the Swarovski Bubble Mo blue cow figurines will be limited to 10 per person.  But don’t forget, there is only one Swarovski certificate per online order (modification in 2011), so if you desire a certificate for each Limited Edition Bubble Mo (which may not be a bad idea at all!), collectors should purchase one Bubble Mo per order.  Just remember, if you order one crystal figurine per order, additional shipping charges may be applied to the order.

The Swarovski Lovlots Bubble Mo (blue cow) and Swarovski Lovlots Lucky Mo (green cow) are both Limited Editions that are only available in 2012, hence retiring at the end of the year if not sold out prior to that date.  There are about 15 Swarovski Lovlots figurines that are retiring in 2012.  Other Lovlots may be slated for retirement later in the year, but those figurines (if any) have not yet been announced.  These Swarovski Lovlots Retirements can be found at www.RetiredSwarovski.com in the Swarovski Lovlots product line (down the left side of the browser window).

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