Jun 192012

Several days ago, I wrote about a limited edition Swarovski – Steiff Bear that was a spring 2012 release.  There is also another spring release limited edition teddy bear…the Swarovski Steiff Bear Shelly.

Steiff Bear Shelly with a Swarovski Scallop Pendant, Limited Edition in 2012

Swarovski Steiff Bear Shelly, 2012 Limited Edition

Stieff’s description reveals that Swarovski Steiff Shelly white felted mohair teddy bear.  The bear brand indicates that Shelly is ready for a wonderful day at the beach.  At a glance, her pendant shell resembles the Swarovski Scallop in a topaz color, but at a zoomed in view, I don’t believe they are the same.  The Swarovski Scallop was the 2006 gift when SCS members initially joined the Swarovski club or when returning members renewed their SCS membership.  The scallop in 2006 was clear and went with the Swarovski Wonders of the Sea trilogy, which consisted of Swarovski Harmony in 2005, Swarovski Eternity in 2006, and Swarovski Community in 2007.

Steiff Bear Shelly is a Limited Edition Bear with a maximum production of 1500 units. The Steiff USA web site and stores in North America are accepting orders for this Swarovski teddy bear.  The suggested retail price on the bear is $240.  I found Swarovski Steiff Shelly in stock at a slightly lower price at Sunny-Bears.com .

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