Aug 062012

Here at Crystal Exchange America, we occasionally see figurines produced by Swarovski that have not been previously documented in publications written about Swarovski crystal figurines.  Not long ago, one such undocumented figurine, a Trimlite Bear, appeared in a collection that arrived here on consignment.

This recent Swarovski figurine is a crystal bear that very much resembles the Trimlite Bears that were sold in the Zales and Dillards stores in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

This newly discovered bear is approximately 1.5”’ tall.  This bear, like many  other Zales / Dillards bears, has a crystal head, crystal body, and gold-colored accents for the hat, scarf, and paws.

Swarovski Trimlite "T" Logo for Authenticity

Trimlite Logo on Bear Bottom

Zales / Dillard / Trimlite Bear Crystal Figurine

Trimlite Bear, wearing Baseball Cap Holding Red Tulips

This Trimlite bear is wearing a baseball cap covering his left ear and slightly tipped on his head.  The bear is holding 3 red tulips in his right hand / paw.  Around his neck, he is wearing a gold bow.  This bear features the Trimlite “T” logo confirming its authenticity in the gold trim underneath the body.

This Trimlite bear will be a new addition to the 2013 Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski: Beyond Silver Crystal Book.  Jane Warner indicates that it will be referenced using BSC2012010 in the next edition, to be released in about 8 more months.  There are presently about 15 Zales / Dillards figurines in the book.

Other Dillards / Zales bears may be found hold flowers, a candy cane, or nothing.  Some bears wear bows, bonnets, or santa-type hats.  Some wear bows, scarves, or bow-ties on their neck.

The new baseball-tulip Trimlite Bear will be available for purchase from Crystal Exchange America in the coming weeks.  The company will be checking with other Swarovski expert dealers and stores in an attempt to establish a fair selling price which is attractive to the buyer and gainful to the seller for the unusual bear figurine.

Crystal Exchange presently has a listing for the Trimlite Dillard Zales Bear “Twinkles the Sparkling Bear” on Ebay, with a Buy It Now price of $59 with FREE shipping.  Other Trimite bear figurines previously seen in the online auctions include “Joey Jingles” and “Holly”.  Both Holly and Joey Jingles are presently available at Crystal Exchange America near $125 each.

Swarovski crystal fanatics should check the site after the next inventory update near the end of August for availability.  Collectors can use the search feature to quickly find the figurine using search term ‘BSC2012010’.

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